The expert assessed the measures taken by the Italian government to combat COVID 19

MOSCOW, 23 APR – RIA Novosti. Solid action of the government of Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte helped the country avoid even more serious catastrophes, and also helped to contain the epidemic COVID-19 in some regions, told RIA Novosti the Professor at the school of public policy school of public policy Ranepa Giovanni Savino.

“In Italy from the beginning of April there were talks about “phase two” of the quarantine, the General Confederation of Italian industry (Confinudstria), anti-total lockdown, wanted to know the exact date of the breaks. However, the situation was still far from the exit of the epidemiological crisis. The quarantine was a necessary step, the Conte government acted firmly in this direction, and because of this hardness has managed to avoid an even more serious disaster. In addition, stringent measures helped contain the spread of the epidemic in some regions,” said Savino.

At the same time, according to the expert, the Italian economy is now in a very difficult position. So, according to some forecasts, the country’s GDP could be reduced by 9-14% and for such sectors as the hotel and restaurant business and in General tourism, this will result in a real tragedy.

“I Hope that demands our government hear in Brussels and that “phase two” is well thought out, not to have to resort back to a complete closure due to new infections (as happened in Hong Kong and Singapore). The Italian economy needs large state and European investment, and the Italian people needs greater trust,” concluded Savino.

the Council of Ministers of Italy on 31 January adopted a resolution on the introduction of a six months emergency regime in the country in connection with the distribution of COVID-19. Since March 10, the quarantine measures imposed earlier in the Northern regions of the country, were distributed throughout the national territory. The majority of enterprises and institutions of Italy has suspended its work.

In early April, Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte announced the signing of a government decree, according to which measures to control the spread of coronavirus has been extended to April 13. Before Easter the Prime Minister said that the validity of these measures is extended to may 3.

According to the latest official data, as of the environment in Italy was recorded more than 187 thousand cases of infection by new type of coronavirus, over 54 thousand patients recovered, the total number of victims has exceeded 25 thousand people.

on Monday the number of people infected with the coronavirus fell for the first time since the epidemic began: without taking into account recovered and died the day it was reduced to 20 people. In addition, the steadily declining number of patients in intensive care wards. Data in recent days, according to experts, testify to the decline of the epidemiological curve.

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