The DPRK, in the opinion of several countries, continues to develop nuclear weapons and could develop new nuclear devices for its ballistic missiles. About it as reports Reuters, it is reported in the enclosed interim report of the independent expert, presented on Monday the Committee monitoring sanctions against North Korea at the UN Security Council.

"the DPRK continues its nuclear program, including production of highly enriched uranium and the construction of an experimental light water reactor. One of the countries – members of the [UN] believes that the DPRK continues to develop nuclear weapons", – quotes Agency the text of the report.

According to the document, a number of countries said that Pyongyang during the past six nuclear tests likely to have developed a "miniature nuclear device suitable for warheads [North Korean] ballistic missiles," and will continue to develop this technology.

However, as Reuters notes, the report is not reported, the claims of which state in question.

Against North Korea operates the most severe to date, the sanctions regime. Adopted by the UN security Council resolution 2397 provides for restrictions on delivery of oil and products of its processing, and also requires other States to expel from its territory all North Korean workers by the end of 2019. The reason was the continued development of Pyongyang’s ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.