the Assumption that the US President Donald trump may prematurely withdraw from the presidential race, which was expressed by a number of representatives of the Republican party, seem highly questionable. This writes the Politico.

according to the publication, earlier media reported, citing unnamed Republicans, which claimed that trump is getting ready to leave the struggle for a new presidential term after several polls showed him 10-per-cent behind main opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, which is the most likely candidate from the Democratic party. It was noted that the way the current us leader wants to avoid the psychological blow that he would inflict defeat on the elections.

However, according to Politico, in fact, such a development is extremely unlikely. First of all, the newspaper writes, trump has repeatedly faced with various scandals and crises during his presidency, and with each of these situations, he was able to cope. The abandonment of the race at the current stage would be contrary to all previous steps trump for his political career. In addition, the current advantage of Biden talking about polls, as it has had a rival trump in the previous elections, Hillary Clinton, but in 2016, he in the end still won.

it Should also be remembered that the methodology of such polls remains imperfect. So, the sample still gets a too large number of citizens with higher education, so the results obtained do not reflect the opinion of the whole country. This is proved by the results of the elections of 2016, when Clinton lead all polls to be lost.

According to Politico, about the dubious claims about the imminent release of the trump out of the race and says that in this case the shock would have been caused to the entire Republican party. Probably some Republicans hope that if they managed to nominate another candidate, his chances of winning would be higher than the incumbent US leader. However, the newspaper writes, most likely, the base electorate trump refused to support a new candidate, because it is too loyal to the current President. In addition, the nomination of a new candidate could testify to the fact that the party has recognized that the incumbent Republican was so serious a disaster that can’t even run for a second term — in this scenario, voters are unlikely to want to vote for another Republican in the main office of the country.

As noted in the article, most likely, the race, on the contrary, will be delayed, while Biden will remain within reach. The result Trump probably still will have the opportunity to strike his opponent.

Earlier, Politico noted that attempts by trump to attack Biden far are not effective enough. So, the acting President decided to submit his opponent as a puppet of the radical left, however, judging by the polls, voters still consider the former Vice-President of the moderate politician.