The Czech foreign Ministry has said it is ready to negotiate on the transfer of the monument to Konev

“From the point of view of the foreign Ministry, it is important that our obligations deriving from the agreement with Russia was carried out. The contract does not mention where the monument should be placed, but it provided a decent the treatment and protection against damage. If one of the options to meet this commitment are negotiating with Russia about moving a monument on its territory, we are open to that,” said Tomas Petricek.

the head of the Czech foreign Ministry also drew attention to the fact that the Russian side on this issue addressed to the Ministry of defence of the Czech Republic. However, he said that is in contact with the Minister of defence, which has been discussing possible solutions to the current situation.

In an interview with Petrick noted that the authorities of the district Prague 6, the square which was dismantled a monument to Konev, had intended to place it in the Museum memory of the twentieth century. “We will negotiate on possible alternative solutions. Czech Republic – the country, performing international agreements. Yes, relations with Russia now cannot be called “blooming”, but this does not mean that we should violate the order that was signed in 1993″, said the Czech Minister. He also said that the Czech side does not cease to care about the military graves of fallen soldiers.