The coronavirus found in the pipes of water

Lab organization for water supply to the French capital Eau de Paris found traces of coronavirus in pipelines with technical water that is used for cleaning of streets and other municipal needs. This was announced Sunday by Agence France-Presse, with reference to the representative of the organization.

In the Russian psychiatric hospital massively contracted the coronavirus

According to him, over the past 24 hours minor traces of coronavirus were found when testing four of the 27 points of water extraction. After this the city authorities as a precaution immediately suspended use of the whole network. At the same time in the mayor’s office assured that no danger coronavirus in a pipe with drinking water and there it can continue to use without fear.

"a Network of pipelines with non-potable, so to speak, the raw water that is particularly clean, supplied from the Seine and the canal de l’ourcq" – have explained in city administration.

However, it clarifies the Agency, two independent water supply with drinking and industrial water exist in Paris since the late nineteenth century.

"Traces of minor, but all the same traces, so it was decided as a precaution to contact their local health Agency to have his experts analyzed the potential risks," said Celia Blauel, Deputy mayor, responsible for the policy of ecological transition.