The building of the mirrors made the Guinness Book of records

an Architectural marvel built in Saudi Arabia, brought in the Guinness Book of records. Concert hall “Maria” became the world’s largest mirror building. Its area is nearly 10 thousand meters. Giant cube located in the middle of the desert of al Ula.

the building’s Name translates from Arabic as “mirror” or “reflection”. Thanks to this material it is almost invisible. This was the architects who wanted to highlight the natural beauty of the desert, rich in archaeological sites, first among which is the ancient city of Mada’in Saleh, a UNESCO world heritage site.

“al-Ula is a place of world heritage, and this is our project of the XXI century. We sought to create a cultural centre for events, world class performances, celebrations and business meetings. “Maria” is a place that combines nature, culture and humanity”, – noted in the Royal Commission on the desert of al Ula.