The British decided to hold a quarantine on a desert island

Former paratroopers from Britain Chris Lewis decided to spend his isolation on a deserted island. However, such step he was pushed rather a necessity than a sense of adventure.

the thing is that in 2017, Lewis a charity decided to walk along the entire British coastline. And when the government of Albion has announced a universal quarantine, the Briton was on the island of Mainland, the largest in the archipelago of Shetland, North of Scotland. In order not to violate the new rules, Lewis on the boat made it to a nearby uninhabited island Hilesi and since then resides there.

At its disposal – as many as 108 hectares of land and an old shepherd’s hut without running water, heating and electricity. According to the BBC, the traveler allowed to live the family of the owner of the house, prior to that Lewis spent the night in the tent. From the company – only dog jet, who has come with him this long Hiking path, right 15 sheep – the only inhabitants vacant since the late nineteenth century Hilesi. He admits the Briton, he feels very happy man.

of Course, Lewis does not cut himself off from civilization completely: if the sea allows, he regularly brought in fresh drinking water, coal and food for himself and for Jet. All of this usually leave right at the shore so shipping was “touchless”. The traveler himself does not relax: he catches fish, and gathers for a bonfire of dry grass and brushwood, which washed up on the beach by the waves.

At the end of the quarantine, Lewis plans to continue his journey, whereby he had already managed to collect about 98 thousand pounds (about nine million) to a charity organization that helps the military. For his biannual “walk” in Facebook following of nearly 40 thousand people.