Recall that the eighth of June, almost all who arrive in Britain from abroad, including the British themselves, should be sent directly to the address provided to the authorities, where they must isolate themselves within two weeks. Strict new quarantine system will be reviewed every three weeks, made it clear in Downing street. The British government also announced that exceptions will be made for truck drivers, doctors, and scientists working on the pandemic, as well as the fruit pickers, who are expected to stay on the farms where they work. From quarantine will also be released the inhabitants of Ireland.

Authorities will carry out spot checks to ensure compliance with the new rules, using data provided by passengers in a special questionnaire form. Persons arriving in the country, will also be prompted to download the app contact tracing as soon as it becomes available. The regime will operate across the UK, although it is expected that local authorities will publish details of how they will implement it in practice.

the Ministry of internal Affairs of France has expressed regret that its citizens will not be released from quarantine, although previously assured London Paris otherwise. However, notes The Guardian, the British government did not exclude the possibility of negotiations on the “air bridge” – the idea promoted by the Minister of transport Grant Epsom. The bottom line is that official London will seek to conclude bilateral agreements with countries with a low incidence of COVID-19, under which in relation to their citizens can be lifted quarantine restrictions. “France is ready to establish a mutual scheme as soon as such a system will come into force from the British side”, – reads the statement of the Ministry of internal Affairs of France.

the decision of the British authorities reacted strongly to local business groups, believing that the government should have instead of these steps to use a more focused approach and look for options that could mitigate some of the restrictive measures. According to a representative of Abta, an organization that represents travel agents and tour operators, no one should be in any doubt that the 14-day quarantine period for all travelers returning to the country, will inevitably deprive many people of the opportunity to travel abroad or to go to the UK and therefore will have a “huge detrimental impact on the arrival and check into it.” He noted that the tourism industry, which provides hundreds of thousands of jobs in Albion, and are already seriously injured by the pandemic.

According to Stephen Phipson, Executive dir��Torah Make UK, British industry will be disappointed with this measure, which is isolationist in nature and prevent many of the essential daily trips abroad. “In addition, air freight on passenger aircraft provide a significant proportion of British export and logistics chains, and all this will be vital for companies when they are fully operational,” – said the expert.

As emphasized by Adam Tindall, program Director of the lobbying group London First business, the decision to isolate all passengers arriving in Albion, is an “illegible” response to the increasingly complex situation with the pandemic, and two weeks alone repel the majority of travelers who could contribute to the restoration of the British economy. Kate Nicholls, Executive Director of the UK’s Hospitality, in turn, said that the introduction of the quarantine period, will inevitably hurt the international travel of tourists, and the longer this regime will operate, the more damage it will cause.