the fact is: Today, even a Pope, no longer could not write on the “word of God” around, many Hundreds of years but. “The Bible is not simply fell from the sky,” explains Annette Schellenberg of the University of Vienna. It is the work of man: The New Testament revolves around the life of Jesus, yet not a single time with writes, most likely a witness to the founder’s mind. As the oldest part of the gospel of mark is estimated from the year 70, Dating probably from the pen of a pupil of the apostles companion Markus is.

With the spread of Christianity throughout the Mediterranean emerge in the following 200 years a number of documents, which the faithful use according to the need: The Christianity was more of a loose Association of local churches as a powerful Block. At the latest, as the Church developed from a brutally persecuted sect to the state religion of the Roman Empire, must come to the wilderness.

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the Emperor Constantine create recognizes the potential of Christianity: “It was for unity, the ideological Basis of the Empire,” said Scott Bartchy, a Church historian at the University of California. Together with more than 200 Church leaders he would submit to the Council of Nicaea in 325 Central dogmas and fixed beliefs of the Religion and thus creating for the first time, the official image of Jesus: a peaceful, God the son, finished in the midst of an all-male apostles char, is betrayed by Judas. In truth, this image could look quite different, as three of the rejected text evidence to satisfy: Jesus as a close Confidant of Mary Magdalene (“Peter said to Mary: ‘sister, we know that the Savior loved you more than the Rest of the women.”), as easy kränkbares gods child (“Soon afterwards, Jesus went through the village again. As a Young pre-ran and pushed him on his shoulder. Because Jesus was angry, and said to him: ‘thy way not continue.’ And immediately he fell down [the Boy] died.“) or as one of Judas for the enlightened most of his Disciples holds (“Jesus said: ‘Truly, I say to you, Judas, you will exceed all.'”).

However, the Gospels of Mary or Judas censor the fathers of the Church, that prevail in the ideological battle and stomp the New Testament at least 100 on 27, books. What is the basis for their selection, is among historians controversial. The fact is they are laying the groundwork for nearly 2,000 years anti-Judaism, as well as for the authority of the Institution of the Church. The dropped fonts are hidden to the Apocrypha, “”, “dark” certificates – only a few decades later, their property is considered to be heresy.

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