the Airports in Beijing canceled Thursday, June 18, nearly a thousand flights due to the coronavirus. According to the newspaper “the Beijing of cinanima”, the management of airports of Beijing and Daxing decided to reduce approximately 77% and 85% of air, respectively.

“Passengers can return the tickets to the aircraft heading to the capital and back, without any extra fees for return”, – quotes the edition of TASS.

a New hotbed of coronavirus infection last week have been identified to Beijing’s largest wholesale market of Xinfadi. Over the past five days, authorities recorded about 30 new cases COVID-19. The administration has already introduced in all residential complexes reinforced control measures and the “wartime mode”, which involves the voluntary help of citizens in combating the spread of infection.

According to the latest data, in medical institutions of the PRC are 159 people with the disease caused by a coronavirus, although on June 11 in Beijing had registered only one patient.