But, as said before, the Vice Premier responsible for industry, entrepreneurship and technology, Jadwiga Emilevich, the certificates will receive only those poles who work on a contractual basis and do not earn more than 5,200 zł (1150 euros). The money will be issued on a special prepaid cards, the cost of which can be tracked. It is assumed that the use of such travel cards will be able to about seven million poles.

According to the Polish employers ‘ Federation and the Confederation Lewiatan, in the period from 16 March to 5 may because of the limitations of economic and social activity of Polish economy lost 106 billion PLN, and the greatest losses were suffered by the services sector – 39 billion. May 4 in Poland began to open hotels and resorts, provided that the pools and gyms will be unavailable to guests. But so far, according to the Polish organization of hoteliers, earned only 10 percent of them. Recall that the European Commission recommended that member countries not open to external borders until June 15. And Poland’s borders remain closed even for EU countries. This means that the only hope for their Polish tourists. Yes, and the poles themselves, the choice will be small.

In recent years, Polish tourists prefer to relax in Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. For them, according to the tourism firms in the rankings followed by Egypt, Tunisia and Spain. But the global pandemic coronavirus changed everything. While it is unclear in which countries it will be possible to go this summer. According to the Vice-Minister of economic development Andrzej Gut-Mostowy, “it all depends on the growth or reduction in the number of infected, but you need to accept the fact that the present vacation will definitely not be the same as previous”.

“We are considering allowing visits to three States: the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary”, – he told reporters, explaining that in these countries, relatively few cases COVID-19, and risk of infection are much lower than in Western Europe and the United States. However, local experts in the field of tourism predict that in July you can go to Greece and Turkey. Open the border for citizens of the EU and Croatia, but people approach this news with caution. According to the survey, this year 27 percent of poles planned in the summer to go to foreign resorts, but decided to stay in Poland, 26 percent are waiting for further developments, and only 5% no matter what, are going to go abroad.

In the tourism sector in the EU employs about 22.6 million inhabitants, that is 11.2% of the working population. It accounts for 10 percent of European GDP. But if in such countries as Poland, tourism plays a minor role (6 percent of GDP), in Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta it is respectively 13, 15, 25 and 30 percent of GDP. In this situation, each state is saved as you can.

for Example, in the Canary Islands came up with a “health passport” holders will be able to relax on the shores of the Atlantic ocean. The numbers of tourists in the framework of joint with the world tourism organization of the pilot project will fly to the Canary Islands, we will have special application Hi+ Card confirming that they are absolutely healthy. “Relevant guarantee will be issued only health care organizations accredited by the Spanish Ministry of health, and all data will be encrypted, so they cannot be forged”, – assured the head of the company-the operator of this project Antonio Lopez de Avila.

the Administration of other Spanish resorts took the initiative of the division of beaches into sectors for different age groups. The newspaper La Vanguardia reports that some of the beaches for vacationers over 65 years of age and for children and their parents will be allocated a separate zone. And in Italy come up with ways to start the tourist season, at least for the Italians. According to local media, the authorities want to promote a trip to a small town as a popular alternative to the large tourist centers.

Croatia last week released foreign owners of real estate in this country from having to spend two weeks in quarantine. Yet this only applies to EU citizens. Most of this news has delighted the Slovenians, who, according to the European portal Euractiv, owns about 110 thousand of real estate on Croatian territory.

In Turkey came up with a way out of this situation. It is assumed that there tourists will be able to only resorts that have a special security certificate. Certificates these will be issued to the settlements, which over time will not be registered cases of infection with coronavirus. Also they will get hotels that impose strict sanitary measures. As the Minister for tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, hotels will be able to take only 50% of the possible number of guests and all common areas should be regularly carried out cleaning and disinfection. The number of sofas in lobby and sunbeds on the beach will be reduced in two times.

All employees are required to wear a disposable mask and gloves to measure the temperature and to undergo regular medical examination. Rooms after guests ‘ departure should be disinfected, and then another 12 hours to be empty. And food should be organized so that customers can’t touch your hands to the common dishes and food. Even the Cutlery should be laid on the tables in individual packages. Every hotel Dol��Yeon to be open round-the-clock medical office. But all this is only to Turkish tourists.

everything in the world, according to the world Council for tourism and travelling, the tourism sector employs 319 million.

the Russian travel agencies offer this year to start the season of domestic travel after June 1. To begin with – between the regions with the smallest spread COVID-19. This is the offer of the Ministry of economic development and tourism has written to the head of the Russian Union of travel industry and the Russian hotel Association.

Then from July 1, representatives of tourist agencies and hotels offer to allow international tours to countries where the spread of the coronavirus is minimal. As the decline of the epidemic the list of available destinations will be expanded. Full recovery of the tourism industry in Russia is possible not earlier than 2021. “The recovery of the domestic and outbound travel must occur depending on the real epidemiological situation,” said PCT.

was Prepared by Alexey Duel