Vice-rector of the Ranepa: distance learning is not suitable for all

Maksim, universities urgently it was necessary to translate the entire educational process in distant. Right?

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Maxim Nazarov: Quickly get into the online format – no easy task. We were lucky: many teachers Ranepa to this point has already passed courses of improvement of qualification on the use of distance technologies in education. In addition, the Academy has its own digital platform. We quickly gave step by step instructions and the students and teachers. Allowed to use not only the platform of the Academy, but also external resources.

Important – keep the current schedule of classes, to establish a comfortable relationship between the teacher and the student.

what feature of a digital platform Ranepa?

Maxim Nazarov: Full integration with a learning management system for distance learning. Integrating all information about students, curricula, schedule of classes. Right from the schedule you can go to the distance learning system and teach the class.

Video broadcasts, webinars, chats, forums… to Learn and to teach became harder.

Maxim Nazarov: too early to speak about any results. But colleagues say that work has become easier. At least you don’t have to spend time on the road. But the students were surprised to note: the load is increased, more jobs. To learn without face-to-face contact with the teacher more difficult: homely atmosphere distracts and relaxes. Teachers it is important to consider the scenario, in order not to lose the attention of the audience on the other side of the screen. So, for me, as a mathematics teacher, it is always important to write on the Board. Not yetshow slides, namely to create “live” tasks that we solve together. On distance is difficult, but possible.

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what are the pros and cons of study on remote?

Maxim Nazarov: We are learning to organize their materials in a clear and understandable system, to present them properly, and provide new opportunities. Of course, the bum on the remote control easier to “hide”, and it is difficult to motivate him. More difficult to feel whether all is well “comes”, because children do not always have the opportunity to ask something.

a Big plus is that all of these scripts can be used and then when back to full-time classes. It’s not an experiment, and life.

In online is very difficult to translate the classes in medicine, nuclear physics, aeronautical engineering, vocal

All items fit into the online format?

Maxim Nazarov: In my opinion, purely remote form is not suitable for all. For example, math I would like to teach full-time. There are other areas that are very difficult to translate into a distant: for example, medicine, nuclear physics, aviation technology, vocal art. In fact, these directions quite a lot.

to be Honest, I am a supporter of blended learning format. But I admit that students and teachers may not want to go back to the classroom-based version of the classes on those subjects which do not lose in quality on remote. Don’t see this as a problem. Another thing is that these items little.

This summer, the part of the state exams in the universities may also be held in online mode. How can you ensure objectivity?

Maxim Nazaroin: for Example, use proctoring. The program compares the photo and all the data in the presented document with the face of the one who sits in front of the computer, with its data in the University system of distance learning. Moreover, it is possible to track the movement of the student, the presence of strangers in the room for video or sound, use phones and the Internet.

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delayed due to the enrolment campaign to universities, and, most likely, it will be remote. At the Academy ready for this?

Maxim Nazarov: In General, Yes. If need be, own entrance tests will be arranged through the digital platform of the Academy, using technology proctoring. The right to take our entrance test is only for children with disabilities, foreign students and those who studied abroad.

And can traditional forms of training and exams to stay in the past?

Maxim Nazarov: Rather, they will become more actively use new technologies. By the way, an upgrade may occur in distance education. If it is correctly strengthen the “figure” that, in my opinion, it will again become one of the most important learning formats.


Online training is not inferior in effectiveness to face-to-face classes. This is revealed in research Higher school of Economics. In addition, it was found that the online format gives students the opportunity to learn almost 20 percent more students without increasing training costs.

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How was the experiment? Students of engineering divided into three groups. The first was studying full-time (the study took place before the transfer of the universities to udalenku), the second was watching the lecture online and attend face-to-face workshops (blended format), and the third had mastered the entire course online. As it turned out, in all three knowledge groups “missed” in the minds equally well. However, students who dropped distance education, lacked the ability to correctly allocate their time.

an Important conclusion: when teaching online universities retain up to 80 per cent even taking into account the costs of creating online courses.