Felix Korobov: the Conductor is not just a movement of your hands

What do you mean getting the title of people’s artist of Russia?

Felix Korobov: It was a very good news in a very difficult time. Of course, it is a great honor. You know, the conductor – a very strange profession. I can arbitrarily throw up your hands, but without my fellow musicians, with no orchestra, singers, soloists, the music will not sound. The conductor depends on many people.

My home theater (MAMT them.To.With.Stanislavsky and V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko – ed) last year turned 100 years old. Our Museum and literary Department released a wonderful encyclopedia that contained all the events of life of theatre in this century. So – terrible to say – the fifth part of this book, the last 20 years, bound to me, which is very nice.

Photo: youtube/ Taurida Orchestra Orchestra “Tauride” performed in isolation Shostakovich Symphony

And my students Chamber orchestra of the Moscow Conservatory I’m in charge of for over 15 years – unique team with almost sixty years of continuous history – la crème de la crème of students and graduate students of the Conservatory is to work with these talented guys pleasure and joy. Generally Conservatory is a serious rank: we’re all “conservative” blood – at the time, I finished it in three specialties. And, moreover, my constant contact with very different but stunning orchestras of St. Petersburg Philharmonic, orchestra of La Scala, tours around the country to your favorite teams Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk and many others – that’s all there are those “sounds,” which help the conductor to be heard. So in my title, a significant proportion of the work of these wonderful people.

You mentioned the La Scala Opera house. Whether held in Milan planned for the 2020 year the premiere of the ballet “the Nutcracker” and “Romeo and Juliet”?

Felix Korobov: the Whole world was in a very difficult situation and, unfortunately, many dear to the heart and important professional concerts are being cancelled and postponed. Just the other day I had to fly to Milan for a production of “Romeo and Juliet”, we have been waiting for this joint work. At the moment I was supposed to be in Saratov, where we were planning to start a wonderful subscription: two musical portrait – all of Schumann’s symphonies in the first part and all the concertos of Brahms (two for piano, violin and double) in the second. Also broke an interesting concert in the subscription series for the anniversary of Beethoven’s in Nizhny Novgorod was invented by Alexander Lazarev. Every Symphony by Beethoven could be rhyme with no less than a great Symphony of another composer under the same number. I got 4th room: last week we had to play the Fourth Symphony of Beethoven and the Fourth Symphony of Mahler.

I Hope all these projects will take place in the future. As for La Scala, the theater confirmed that we are not canceling the premiere and transfer them into something more real time. Today I have made the decision now not planning anything – we wait for the end of this nightmare, and then I will think how to fulfill their obligations and how not to lose the planned projects.

Photo: Gettyimages Pianist Evgeny Kissin performed in social networks with singer Renee Fleming

One of your favourite composers – Verdi. Is it true you dream to do an anthology of his works?

Felix Korobov: Think to do in one place to one conductor of all works, Verdi almost unreal. At least, I don’t know. But gradually the collection going. In SLabusem year, God willing everything will be okay, to be held the premiere of “Rigoletto” – this is already my seventh Verdi at the theatre. In addition to Verdi, my other “collection” and favorite composer is Mozart, and have a dream to fulfill all of his orchestral and chamber works. Much has already been done. For example, with the wonderful musicians of the orchestra “Moscow Virtuosi” (my great friends), in the “Quartet’s Quartet” we’ve nearly finished the series “All string quartets by Mozart” – there are two concerts to complete this rather serious work.

Completed this season in the Theater. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko? In particular, scheduled for may “Macbeth” and “Othello” in the Billboard of June.

Felix Korobov: I hope we still get out of quarantine before the end of the season. But, unfortunately, nobody knows when. Man convinced himself that he is the king of nature, that he believed it. And when you suddenly find yourself alone in a stormy ocean, you realize: you’re not a king, and there’s nothing you can do. Now about this situation. It would seem that the 21st century, and we were back in the days of the “Decameron”, Boccaccio when in the time of cholera was sitting with his friends in the Church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, telling stories and wrote his famous novel. Now the same thing happens: we’re all sitting at home. So, let us now sit at home. Health is always important, but now it is imperative to think not only about themselves, their pleasures and habits, or regret that can’t go to a favorite concert or favorite bar, or walk in the Park. Voluntary confinement – the apartment, the house is and care about other people. Finally it’s time to think about others.

How do you manage your time in their “voluntary imprisonment”?

Felix Korobov: In the memoirs of his father, Vladimir Dmitrievich Nabokov (father of the writer) concerning the period of his confinement in prison, there are wonderful words about salvationand themselves in isolation. A strict adherence to their daily operating mode, which he himself has prescribed. He got up, wrote articles, read the newspaper, was engaged in gymnastics – everything is on schedule. This allowed him to survive and to stay himself. This game are now we. I do not remember the author of these remarkable words: “Only depends on us, we are in the Doge’s Palace or in prison”.

Photo: Andrey eletskiy In Simferopol, the soloists of the musical theatre gave a concert from the balcony

– Isolation is a good time to do those things that in the normal mode (when you have a morning rehearsal and evening concert, and a day students) not enough time to read the accumulated stacks of books, listen to music, which has long wanted to refresh your memory, to sit and work with scores a little for the future.

Recently I wrote in my Instagram that I’ve always wanted to “play” in Mravinsky or Rozhdestvensky wrote: sit at home, open the table score (be sure the green lamp and the tea in silver Cup holder) and immerse yourself in the study of music. Because of our schedules really creepy sometimes had a new score to teach during previous tours, sometimes in the train or plane. Now there is time for quiet conversation with loved ones, and not on a mobile phone, and “home”, stationary – it’s a different story. I think it’s a good time to stop and think about your life. We are all in a hurry, speed of the 21st century to be outrageous, but we might be something the chief doesn’t have time. To think about values and get some rest before the next activity, which will surely come.

it would Seem that in the XXI century, and we were back in the days of the “Decameron”, Boccaccio when in the time of cholera sitting with friends in the Church of Santa Maria Novella, told istorAI wrote his novel

What score do you now work?

Felix Korobov: Some of the score are a secret of our theater, we do not yet voiced. For yourself revised again Shostakovich’s symphonies (to perform them all one of my ideas in a series of music collections). I am very grateful to the orchestras of St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk for the wonderful opportunity to perform in succession the Second and Third symphonies of Shostakovich, which in usual life practically across the conductors – this is a rare visit to the Philharmonic stage. Rethinking Mahler and Bruckner. Preparing for the next season with the Chamber orchestra of the Conservatory. This is a separate my love of history: when I took over this legendary band, one of my friends said, well, why you need it, you’ll never be able to conduct “String Serenade” and Tchaikovsky’s “Little night Serenade” by Mozart. I am happy that completely refuted this assumption. For nearly 15 years, every year we play about ten new programs, not repeating a single work! Gradually in my class are multiplying wardrobes with notes, sometimes absolutely unique and first performed in Russia. Selection of repertoire is a very interesting creative work.

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev / TASS Dmitry Malikov will Never swear for success

are you Able to stay in touch with the musicians of the orchestra and students?

Felix Korobov: of Course, we call back, find out how’s it going, who is doing what. I continue to engage with students who are learning from me in Opera and Symphony conducting. Just yesterday, gave them another job: what you need to hear, read and see. Because the conductor is not just the arms, it’s a lot of interconnected. Agreed to call in three days. Moscow Conservatory beginning lessons online, now I’m trying to learn this system, so actually have something to do. Read, cook.

What home cooked conductors?

Felix Korobov: anything! I love to cook, this is one of my favorite activities and time of rest – when you focus on the process, locked in the kitchen, no one bothering you, have the opportunity to think, to turn some ideas in my head. No wonder Rossini was a fantastic cook.

What kind of book you yourself would like to read from the long-delayed?

Felix Korobov: Quite a lot! From St. Petersburg I brought back wonderful memories of Hildebrandt Olga-Arbenina, which I love. Generally it is a very complex, tragic-romantic story of the silver age. Also are two volumes of the “three kingdoms” Luo Guan-Zhong. The passion for classical Chinese literature I inherited from my dad, the Director, Pavel Korobov, who loved the Chinese and Oriental literature and from childhood instilled in me a love for her. The other four of the five great Chinese novels I’ve read, and now was the last “exploit”.

enjoy reading and re-reading of Lotman. Once upon a time, in the beginning of my teaching activities, we talked with the student on important ethical topics, and then I told him: read the diaries of Yuri Mikhailovich Lotman. It was a smart student, he read the diaries, and when we came back to this conversation, he said, “But it’s impossible to live like this, when honesty and integrity brought to life to the absolute, it is total sacrifice.” However, an example of such a person was, and so to live so it is possible, difficult, but necessary. So periodically you need to reread and Lotman, Likhachev, and to remind the heart of things.