Doctors save from COVID-19 with plasma and looking for donors

In Moscow COVID centers in the research Institute of emergency care. Sklifosofsky and 52 hospital – critically ill patients began to pour plasma from donors to cope with the coronavirus. “We know that the human body, had undergone an infectious disease, produces antibodies, which allows him to fight off the infection. But often this process in the case of the specific pathogen has its own characteristics. With the features of coronavirus and the immune response to it, we yet know little that requires great care when attempting to intervene in the process. It is important to understand under what conditions reconvalescent plasma will have a greater effect,” explained chief freelance specialist transfusiologist of the Department of health of Moscow, head of the Advisory blood transfusions brigade of the capital’s hospital №52, Andrey Bulanov.

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Using plasma of recovered patients is, by and large, is not news. Method was used in the last century.

It was used in 2014, when fighting with Ebola, has tested and now, with COVID-19, first in China and then in Germany and the United States.

In Russia the plasma of patients undergoing COVID-19, first began to use it a few days ago in scientific research Institute of emergency care. N. And. Sklifosofskiy. Perhaps because in Sklife – one of the most powerful in the capital of blood transfusion stations, everything is clearly organized and a reliable “pool” of donors.

“the first time We came prepared with plasma from donors who recovered from COVID-19. This is the usual procedure – plasmapheresis, told about the experimental method, the chief of Department of Transfusiology and gravitational blood surgery of scientific research Institute of Sklifosovsky Alexander Kostin. – People who have had this respiratory infection, I had her immunity. Plasma, taken from them in contrast to normal donors contains very high titer of antibodies against the virus.” Now this plasma is the only source of antibodies and in circumstances where there is no effective drugs against the new coronavirus, its introduction gives the chance for survival in severe cases.

“About the final effectiveness of the method is judged premature, we are, in fact, conduct a pilot study – said Alexander Kostin. But it is potentially very promising for the efficiency method of treatment of patients in severe and moderate condition.” The doctor recorded a video message to potential donors: “Now more and more people who have recovered from COVID-19. It is very important that they responded to our request for survey and connected to the delivery of the plasma. I hope that people will not refuse our request, our appeal. People who have recovered and received immunity – glory to your health. Please share it with others so they too can get out”.

the Ministry of health noted the positive dynamics in the treatment of patients with coronavirus on a ventilator

“RG” contacted one of the donors, who regularly collaborates with Sklif. Dmitry Demin come here to donate blood and plasma for many years. “I call, asking whether to come for the next donation, – told “RG” Dmitry Dyomin. – By the way, the last time I gave blood two days ago – just deadline approached. Of course, I’m willing to give plasma and for the treatment of patients with COVID-19. Especially since, most likely, I will be a suitable donor. The fact that the heavy flu that I had been ill about six month ago, it very much looks like the symptoms of the coronavirus. Was running a high fever, over 39 degrees, was a strange change of taste, now many people mention it. I quickly recovered, so just to know if it’s actually COVID, you can’t. Looking forward to when there will be a test for antibodies, and I’ll know exactly what I had. Do analysis on all sorts of infection of the donor is done each time before the next delivery KROVI. And if I already checked on the COVID and call and tell you – you’re ill can come and give plasma to the other, of course, I’ll do it.”