How to organize home sports training

This opportunity was provided, for example, the Boxing Federation of Russia, which has released several series of cycle training videos “Train home”. You can find them on YouTube. Great lessons recorded with the silver medalist of the Olympic games-2012, double world champion of Boxing, world champion among professionals under version IBA Sofia Ochigava. I think the trick is that during a pause in his professional career, Sophia was preparing young boxers.

More advanced users Ochigava will teach the basics of Boxing, show strokes. But it all starts with a warm-up. It turns out that jumping rope also to the mind. So, repeat after Sophia.

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“Before you start to jump, I suggest to prepare the legs, explains Ochigava. – First mash the ankle: 4 rotation in the other direction. So for 2 repetitions. Then we do rifts toe to heel. 10 repetitions. You can walk a little on his toes back and forth. The same is done on the heels and on the outer and inner sides of the foot.

skipping Rope lying on the floor. Rise on socks, make two steps forward, crossing the rope two ago. On the heels of not come. Adding movement to the sides. Try the same thing, but performed at the same time jumping two feet forward, backward and to the sides. Once again, it is important when jumping don’t step on the heel to damping the movement of the toes up and down. Begin to jump rope. Another important point – don’t raise hands up, and work is due to rotation of the brush. Try to hop for three minutes. You can jump with both feet simultaneously or alternately two times on one, two on another. Choose any tempo. If lost, just continue to work on.

To diversifyü exercise, it can be a little higher to raise the knees or twist the rope back. If you feel tired, fold the rope in half, take one hand and helped the group to recover the breath. The main thing – not to hit yourself with a jump rope”.

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the Government of the Moscow region launched the project “Live sports at home.” For the first week the participants of the online training were more than 25 thousand people. Anyone can participate in the currently fashionable challenges, put up a video of your home workout or join a class under the guidance of renowned athletes.

the role of the instructor himself has already tasted Olympic champion of Sochi-2014, world championship medalist in cross-country skiing Alexander Legkov. He went to the creative class. In his example, showed what can replace professional equipment. Instead of the gym ball or exercise ball, Alexander used a conventional five-gallon water bottle.

“In connection with the difficult situation in the world when flying in the air coronavirus and many sit at home, but I want to do and train for, offer to do a set of exercises that skiers do every day in preparation for the season. But it is suitable for lovers. This is a very simple complex. Only need a Mat and a ball. If there is no ball, then use a five-liter bottle of water and make the coolest exercises on pumping micromist to the whole day and then feel fresh and fun.

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the Complex is designed for 20 minutes. Each exercise should be performed one minute 15 seconds. Then take 15 seconds to rest and move on to the next exercise. A lot of them. Show what you do every day for ten years. ItAK, pump press. Lie down on the Mat. Legs bent at the knees, hands behind head, elbows divorced. Do not rise all the way up and not descend to the bottom. The press don’t relax. He is always in tension. The second option. Remain on the back. Hands on his belt. Raise the feet alternately pull and his knees to himself. Here the main thing not to tear off the lower back off the floor. At run time, you can insure and to verify that the palm did not pass under the lower back. To facilitate his task, to raise the legs higher.

Now the exercise with plastic bottles of water. Lift your legs and slightly bend them. In his outstretched hands hold the bottle and, as in the first exercise, raise the body as high as possible and do not fully fall down.”