The Ministry of construction determined the size of the standard housing

the Standard of housing is proposed to be the apartment of 100 square meters, private house area of 150 square meters on a plot of up to 15 “acres,” or the area up to 130 square meters in the houses of blocked development. Meanwhile, the housing economy class (this term was later replaced by the term “standard housing”) were treated at home and blocks up to 200 square meters, with a maximum height of three floors. In the apartments of economy-class area could be varied from 20 to 150 square meters.

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In recent years, the increased popularity of houses up to 100 square meters, indicated in the explanatory note to the document. The reasons for this – the low cost of their construction, speed of construction and the possibility of construction of such homes on any type of soil. These homes usually are built on standard projects, the developers of the document. Location of the premises in such homes standard – the living room is arranged around an entrance area, kitchen and bathroom are in functional connection with a common room, attic and second floors are occupied by bedrooms. From an economic point of view the house this area it is advisable to block in a semi-detached and fourplex. “The proposed draft order area to 150 square meters allows you to design the house more comfortable and add a location system ancillary facilities”, – stated in the explanatory note.

More details about what should be the interior trim of a standard dwelling. In particular, it must be installed metal entrance door and internal doors with hardware that meets the requirements of energy saving Windows with sills. Must be the floor covering (in bathrooms – ceramic tiles), wall – wakraShana or covered with Wallpaper, ceilings – suspended, ceiling or painted. The kitchen must have a sink, Cabinet under the sink, the stove (or hob and oven). Apartment houses must be rated energy efficiency class In and above.

the following requirements must be voluntary and be set at the level of regions, the first Vice-President of the International Academy of architecture Yury Vissarionov. “In Dagestan and the Chukotka may be different requirements for standard housing,” he said. According to the architect, the requirements for finishing of housing is also unnecessary – it may be governed by the market: some need a new apartment “turnkey”, and someone for reasons of economy or desire to choose the design you want to do it yourself.

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in fact, the standard housing is defined as apartments with area up to 100 square meters in buildings with energy efficient “B” (the average energy efficiency, there are four higher classes), as well as finish from the Builder, said the managing partner of the company “Metrium” Maria Litinetskaya. Now described in the draft document standard corresponds to a small number of apartments. According to the company, in the Moscow market of new buildings, where there are more than 50 thousand apartments in under construction houses of all classes (including New Moscow), only 32% of the objects will be transferred to the customers fully finished. In the mass segment of new buildings, the proportion is 47%. Full finishing from the Builder does not always imply the presence of plumbing, and more rarely – plate, oven or hob. “The whole of Russia, finishing this level is a rarity, not more than 10-15% of the apartments,” – says Litinetskaya.

the Definition of “standard housing”, which is described in the document is not relevant to the real estate market, where developers are divided they sell apartments of different classes, says the President of Fund “Institute for urban Economics” Hope Kosarev. “The notion of “standard housing” in the legislation is used only for the so-called “Dutch auctions” in the organization authorities housing waiting list and the different preferential categories of citizens. In practice, however, such auctions are not held,” she says. According to Kosareva, the document establishes requirements to the apartments, which can build and provide beneficiaries the state. However, some points in the draft order could be clarified – for example, proposed restrictions in the area of housing is essentially unfounded.