How to bury the victims of the coronavirus in the Apennines

against the background of the spread of the pandemic in Italy started to resort to online funeral. The death toll from the coronavirus in Italy is rapidly approaching 20 thousand people. Many of them leave this world in isolated hospital units where the families are not allowed due to the increased threat of infection. Max, can I help in such a delicate situation to the doctors, so it is only to bind on the verge of life and death of the patient with relatives on Skype. As it is not sad, but it is often during these video calls loved ones have the opportunity the last time to personally say goodbye to each other.

Photo: EPA/AMPE ROGERIO the Second brigade of Cuban doctors went to Italy to fight COVID-19

According to the government decree, in Italy conducted a short funeral without the traditional procession from the residence to the cemetery. More recently, in the Apennines funerals increasingly take place in the presence of the priest and the undertaker. The latter had the unenviable mission – they must choose a coffin, after agreeing the configuration with the family of the deceased to messenger, dressed in a protective suit, to take the body from hospital or from home, then take him to Church for a quick funeral in an empty temple, and then to bury or to cremate.

From the point of view of logistics, Italian funeral sector is experiencing tremendous pressure – because of the large number of deaths all formed on burial and cremation. Suffice it to recall the horrific footage from Bergamo, which is near the Church are seen lined-up coffins with the dead. In this city a few weeks actually died a whole generation. Since no local cemetery or crematorium could not cope with the number of dead, they had garbagebe with the military in the neighboring province. Similar situation is in the neighbouring Emilia-Romagna. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the country, many funeral homes also are quarantined, and those who are still working, almost no more money left for anti-virus protection.

Photo: Getty Images Italian Doctor “fast” has told “RG” on the fight against the epidemic

the Deceased is forbidden to change clothes in his clothes, all of them are buried in medical uniforms. The deceased is also impossible to brush them and apply post-mortem makeup. As the undertakers themselves often pick up a coronavirus from the dead compatriots, the infected are buried in sealed zinc coffins. In order for at least a little to alleviate the suffering of the relatives of the deceased who are not able to personally attend the farewell ceremony, the funeral services, armed with a smartphone, during the funeral service and burial broadcasts live the visit of the Agency in social networks or on the page of the parish. During the live broadcast and anyone can write kind words about the deceased and Express condolences to his family. It is important to note that the emergence of additional options in the form of video had no effect on the cost of the funeral. As we found out, “RG”, the total price in the period of the pandemic has not changed – the funeral in Italy on average as cost, and cost from 1700 to 3400 euros.