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After the earthquake in the Northern Kuril Islands, possible aftershocks, said scientists. Thus the inhabitants of Kamchatka there is no reason for panic: in the worst scenario, the force of the shocks is unlikely to reach 7 points
Academician Vladislav Ivanovich Pustovoit were supposed to get on the list of Nobel laureates 2017 for the sensational discovery of gravitational waves. But instead, now the winner of five of the state was in a difficult conflict situation. What is its essence, read in the material "RG"
Tests for the detection of the virus in the Sverdlovsk Centre of hygiene and epidemiology are brought from all cities of the region. Technicians work around the clock in three shifts of six hours. Handled up to 700 samples per day
To fight for the environment, not necessarily to collect the pickets and draw posters with loud slogans. Convinced of this "RG", after talking with people who are looking for ways to prevent garbage at least on the scale of your apartment
In Russia tested six drugs against the coronavirus, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. "In the near future we hope that will be confirmed the safety and effectiveness of these developments, and can be used for the prevention and control of epidemic, - he noted
From 1 September 2020, 10 young scientists in physics and nanotechnology will receive scholarships named after Zhores Alferov. According to the decree of the government, payment in the amount of 20 thousand rubles will be assigned according to the results of the competitive selection
In Russia began testing the vaccine against COVID-19. This information is published on the website of Rospotrebnadzor. Scientific center of the Ministry had developed a prototype vaccine based on six different technology platforms
In man there are seven types of coronaviruses, which are the causative agents of acute respiratory diseases. But these types are not dangerous to Pets. And Vice versa - the animals can infect a person with their infections
Global warming is a cyclic process associated with solar activity, volcanic eruptions and human activities. But a warm winter in Russia this year has provided not global warming
Astrakhan scientists have created a mobile mini-farm for growing fish and vegetables in the apartment. The installation has no analogues in Russia. And you can use it to breed even sturgeon
March 15 marks the 90th birthday of Zhores Alferov. On request "RG" his colleagues shared memories about the outstanding scientist. "His resourcefulness organically combined with leadership qualities," - said academician Yuri Gulyaev
The ability to determine the color of eyes and hair, age, origin, and the mental status of unknown human genetic analysis is not fiction, but real technology that scientists of Belarus and Russia develop in the course of the program of the Union state "DNA identification"
Satellite images of China showed that from the beginning of the epidemic of coronavirus in the country decreased level of air pollution
Accumulate ability, improve memory, and ever will... to carry to the brain the less successful people. Donation the potential of improving memory is one of the latest trends of modern neurophysiology, we talk with the former Director and now scientific Director of the Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of RAS Pavel BALABAN. From a conversation with him about the latest achievements of science and the mysteries of our brain we have learned:— how many scientific discoveries in physiology could be accomplished in Russia;— how to convince the hungry that he fed;— as of the disability of the student to take the honors with a single injection;what is deja vu, and what really determines the success of any business.
A year after the death of Jaures Alferov adopted many important decisions to perpetuate his memory in Russia. The most important and expected took the head of the state is to establish ten personal grants of a name of academician for young scientists
For example, US American Professor demonstrated that any unilateral use of nuclear weapons will ultimately affect the state, which will strike.
In 2018 in the casing of «Soyuz MS-09” was discovered the hole, and then Russian cosmonauts eliminate the defect with a cloth and special adhesive composition.
Additional scanning of the human brain have revealed that a new type of schizophrenia does not affect the size of the gray matter, the brain of the patient is similar to that of normal brain.
Living in Minsk Pavel Vinahradau told in Facebook that he was able to unlock Chinese smartphone with the help of a cut finger. He recalled that two months ago, my dad cut off his finger with a circular saw. Of course, accidentally. And decided to freeze it just in case.
Spanish nutritionist Aitor Sanchez in interview to the newspaper La Vanguardia said that water with lemon is not a panacea for all diseases
The social network Facebook there was a movie which depicted the explosion of the meteorite
The Boeing company has recognized that the test systems of the spacecraft Cockpit before the first test flight in December last year was conducted properly
COVID-19, and Spanish-18. These two rampant epidemics are separated from each other by a whole century. But now, as the coronavirus is occupying more and more countries, increasingly, in the media flashed the comparison, where the Parallels between the current situation with a dangerous infection and the pandemic that covered the earth at the beginning of the last century. How our ancestors survived in such difficult conditions, has struggled with the ubiquitous infection? – Remember.
For the past many centuries, "leap makeweight" in the form of 29 February is the most controversial day of the year. It involves a number of beliefs, legends, accept. And even scientific research to help those people who are lucky enough to be born in such an unusual day.
Coronavirus COVID-19, apparently, is changing: the percentage of deaths seems to be decreasing, despite the increasing speed of distribution around the world. But, for example, in Iran the mortality rate is through the roof. About a mutation of the coronavirus we talked with the ex-employee NPO "Vector", Professor, corresponding member of RAS, head of laboratory of biotechnology and Virology HAIRDRYER Novosibirsk state University Sergey Netesov.
Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) intends to complain to the UN satellite system Starlink, developed by businessman Elon musk SpaceX. This was reported by researcher of the Institute of astronomy of RAS Nikolai Samus.
Planet K2-18 b, located in the constellation Leo at a distance of about 124 light-years from Earth, may be much more habitable earth-like than previously thought
Doctor of medical Sciences Mehman Mammadov said that in some cases, the ailment symptoms, with no obvious way related to the cardiovascular system, can be the symptoms of an approaching heart attack.
The first magnetic storm since the beginning of the year was recorded by specialists of the laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN. It started on the 19th of February, about six o'clock in the morning, lasted no more than three hours and was accompanied by weaker perturbations for another six hours. Power took her to the "weak" category G1.
Australian resident has shared a photo of an unusual yellow substance, found them on the beach in the vicinity of Perth. Later it turned out that this sea hare.
Relations between our country and India traditionally stroyatsya druzhestvennnoy on the basis of – and this is not the last role belongs to the representatives of the academic community. The other day, February 18, at the Embassy of India held a solemn event dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the birth of the outstanding Russian orientalist, doctor of historical Sciences, was awarded the highest Indian award "Padma Shri", Professor Gregory bondarevskiy.
Scientific Director of the hydrometeorological Roman Vilfand said that global climate change will not allow you to continue to develop new land for agriculture development
Small asteroid 2020 CD3 became kazipoteka of the Earth, said experts from the minor planet Center Smithsonian astrophysical Observatory
According to the poll, 40% of Russians do not believe in the theory of global warming, considering it far-fetched problem
After a hearty Breakfast, the body spends about two more energy on heating your own, than after a meal of the day containing similar amount of calories
Archaeologists from Queensland University have discovered in the North of India found traces of encampments of ancient people Dating back to the period of the eruption of the volcano, both on the island of Sumatra
Physician Clinical hospital on Yauza Victor Lichine listed diseases in which the person should avoid hot shower or bath
Experts from Russia has created a nanoparticle material, which, in particular, can ispolzovatsya in agriculture
American scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, presented a map of decision-making in case the planet will be threatened by catastrophic in its consequences the fall of an asteroid. In fact, experts suggest to prevent a similar scenario in advance.
The General Secretary of the German cancer society Johannes Bruns signed a cooperation agreement with the Association of oncologists of Russia in the framework of the German cancer Congress. He also explained in an interview what method of cancer this is the most effective.
In Segezha region of Karelia, the camera recorded the fall of the meteorite
An international team of scientists which included experts from Russia and the United States, presented a computer model of the mechanics of the heart, which has a sufficiently high calculation speed for use in clinical practice
Among the many hypotheses about the necessity of sleep is one of the most popular is that it happens cleaning the brain of toxins that have accumulated during the day. Read more about what else is able to sleep, read in the material "RG"
An international group of scientists found in the Brunei forest land mollusks mollusks previously unknown species that lived at the foot of the slope
They found 61-year-old American syndrome of fermentation of the bladder, because of this the body of a pensioner is constantly producing alcohol, reports Annals of Internal Medicine. It is noted that the first woman who is waiting for a liver transplant, was suspected of drinking alcohol in the hospital, but it was much more interesting.
Strange modern trend starts thumbnail of promising Russian missile launched before the starts of their prototypes. The debut of the new carrier rocket "Soyuz-5" ("Irtysh") took place last weekend in Elektrostal near Moscow. "General designer", 11th grader Paul Panchuk and his mentor from the Station of young technicians Viktor Rozhkov was pleased with the result.
The American Boeing company buys one of the devices for spacecraft Cockpit in Russia
The Ukrainian Antarctic station "Akademik Vernadsky" was formed of the snow of red color, it is associated with algal blooms, reported on the website of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine in Facebook
The Chinese authorities have warned that the timing of the incubation period of coronavirus COVID-2019 has changed
In China, scientists came to the conclusion that the new coronavirus COVID-19, which all this time was considered seafood market "huanan" in Wuhan, got here from the outside.