The high demand for ginger and garlic struck the imagination: the experts dispelled the stereotypes

According to Rospotrebnadzor, after the introduction of the regime of isolation, our country is 12 times increased imports of ginger and doubled the garlic. In fact, it is clear why import increased sharply. Market experts believe that the suppliers it is profitable to sell their goods in Russia: the demand is there, the price of the product high. In late March, the demand for ginger in stores rose by 80%, and dried ginger – to 260%. This explains the increase of import.

In the Wake of pandemic, a rumour was started that these products will help defeat the coronavirus, but if not, then the infection would definitely save. Renowned doctor has repeatedly refuted such information. “Allegations of chudozestvennoj though ginger, even lemon, though some other product, which is supposedly able to heal us from coronavirus — no more than a marketing ploy,” — said the Director of the INSTITUTE “FITS of food and biotechnology”, doctor of medical Sciences Dmitriy Nikityuk.

meanwhile, supporters of traditional medicine claim that garlic has anti-bacterial properties. It is recommended for the treatment of colds and prevention of diseases. “Someone began to spread fake news that garlic affects the perception of the body to COVID-19. Consumers were led to this information and ran to the stores to buy the product,” — says Professor at the Centre for agrofood policy, Ranepa Vasily Uzun.

Apparently, the rumors now is the time of grace: the demand for garlic and ginger among Russians has increased dramatically. Irony of fate: the buyers are not even stopped by the fact that more supplies of the aforementioned “miracle” products come to us from China, the birthplace of a new type of coronavirus. Celestial almost regained almost all the supply chain, after raging for months of the epidemic. As a result, China accounts for about 80% of the supply of ginger and 74% of the supply of garlic.

against the background of excessive demand, the price of these products, of course, went up sharply. “The cost of ginger and garlic increased in particular due to the short-term increase in demand”, – said the head of the Department of agriculture of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Anna Microcinema. From which we can conclude that the prices of the speculative warming up.

Ginger, for example, was worth 20 times more expensive. Garlic increased in price by about half. The usual cost of the product is 100-200 rubles per kg. Now the price has exceeded 300 RUB. And if we talk about the fresh harvest, the garlic price has risen to 800-900 rubles per kilo. “retailers simply lose conscience,” – said on this occasion, the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

According to a member of the chamber of Commerce of Anne Vovk, rising prices is a natural reaction of sellers at the rapidly increasing demand. “In a free market pricing can not be otherwise. As practice shows, people are now willing to buy the same even ginger for 3 – 4 thousand roubles for 1 kg. the Prosecutor’s office can check the trade network because of the sharp rise in prices, but it is unlikely that you will find here: a primary explosive growth of demand”, — says the expert.

Stop consumer excitement can only spread accurate information about what products such as ginger, garlic or lemon, will not help in the fight against the disease, says Vasily Uzun. “To curb prices could have power, but they interfere only when it is related to the increase of socially important goods: bread, grain, milk. The rise of the price of a product, consumption of which is slightly less kg per year per person, the government will not go to drastic measures to freeze the cost”, – said the expert.