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In Russia developed the first test-system for diagnostics of the causative agent, a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 animals. It was created on the basis of the Federal centre for animal health fgbi ARRIAH
The new type of coronavirus does not breed on the food and after she passed, but catching a dangerous infection in the supermarket is still possible. This opinion was voiced by an employee of the Ohio state University Sanjeev Ilic.
Late in the evening of 12 April (outside of signing of this number in print), the energy Ministers of the OPEC countries+ will hold a new videoconferencia – apparently, for the final initialling of the text of the agreement on joint reduction in the production of "black gold". In Russia, many industry experts believe that, without this agreement, the domestic producers would have to cut the power in half. Now the barrel there is every chance that his price went back to the bar at $40, maybe even higher. So the cost of the "barrel" will help the domestic budget go a year without "holes" that need to be close from the reserve funds. However, for the oil industry, revenues from which fill about half of the Treasury, and the contract threatens to decline by 15%.
Physicians medical-surgical center of Pirogov – one of the capital's hospitals, which are heavy patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19, called the drug to which they are pinning their hopes. This was written head of the Department of anesthesiology, intensive care Warmer Boris, who keeps a diary with the chronology of the disease. "After discussing with colleagues, Vitaly Gusarov (head doctor of a hospital in nmhts them. N. And. Pirogov – ed.) and Denis Protsenko (chief doctor Kommunarka – ed.) all came to the opinion that you can say about tocilizumab how the drug is promising in the "cytokine storm", - said Boris Warm. He further thanked the colleague who deals with the systematization of information. "Thanks to our chief of anesthesiology and intensive care, Professor Sabatino Mikhail Nikolaevich, who continuously tries to organize the barrage of information and offers workers scheme".About the benefits this drug has previously said Chinese and American doctors.
Scientists from the University of Bonn through a random sample was tested for antibodies to the coronavirus 1000 residents of the village of Gangelt, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Antibodies were detected in 14%, 2% studied showed signs of infection COVID-19.
A scientist from the cancer center at the University of Michigan, PhD grace Chan explained how the condition of the gut influences the development of colorectal cancer
A group of scientists from the United States under the leadership of Muhammad Moniruzzaman from the Polytechnic University of Virginia found unusual genes in the group of giant viruses that are similar in size to bacteria. These genes allow the virus to rebuild the metabolism of the host cell, turning it into a sort of "zombie", says the magazine Nature Communications.
When will the pandemic coronavirus in Russia depends on the Russians will comply with self-isolation and other regulations of the government. Said "the parliamentary newspaper" Advisor to the Director, Central research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, academician Victor Maleev.
One spring day feeds a year. To an accelerated pace to carry out the sowing campaign, the Ministry of agriculture is planning for all the bottom of the barrel to collect labour force, to attract to the noble class not only for students of agricultural universities and colleges, but even convicts.
Candidate of biological Sciences, head of laboratory of ecology of viruses of SIC fundamental and translational medicine Cyril Ershov told RT about viruses that overcome cross-species barriers, and can be transferred from animals and insects to humans
Clever food retailers, as it turns out, is not averse to cash in on the current unprecedented situation. Methods as old as the world: to create an artificial hype around a product, and then sharply raise supplies and prices. Now the role of such "meteors" of the food market are the ginger and garlic. For example, for ginger now have to pay 20 times more than a month ago. Such a jump in cost caused by excessive consumer demand for the product, which supposedly has antiviral properties. For the same reason rose and garlic. And, despite the denials of scientists about the "magical" properties of these products, people continue to carry their money in shops and retailers to rewrite the price tags upward.
A group of French doctors confirmed that during the observation of patients infected with the coronavirus, some of them discovered a new symptom – a rash on the skin that looks similar to urticaria. As most often in such cases no severe manifestations of coronavirus infection, there is reason to assume that they can transmit the virus, including through the skin. How these assumptions are justified, we asked the experts.
Difficult night from Saturday to Sunday was for the family of the famous singer Diana Gurtskaya. The son of a famous singer and public figure Diana Gurtskaya and her husband, Deputy Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Peter Kucherenko was in the hospital. But, thank God, not with the coronavirus and not with pneumonia. The Bones, which in the summer reaches 13 years of age, was diagnosed with appendicitis. "At 00.00 the operation is over. Kostya is asleep. Thanks to all the doctors and M. A. Kurtser for care and work," publicly thanked the doctors in the network, the boy's father, the husband of Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko. He noted that the health situation of the child was threatening. "The clarity, accuracy and professionalism avoiding peritonitis", - he said. The attack happened suddenly, so like three days ago Diana has exhibited in Instagram your photos with the son, and all have been good.
President Vladimir Putin holds a communication session with the ISS and the astronauts were congratulated with the upcoming Cosmonautics Day
Global GDP due to the pandemic will not receive for two years of more than $5 trillion, which is comparable with the annual volume of industrial production of Japan, writes Bloomberg with reference to the assessment of the banks on wall street. However, as the epidemic of the coronavirus will not guarantee that the world will get off this damage, but not 2-3 times more. As for Russia, then, according to the respondents "MK" experts to judge its economic prospects and losses is even more thankless.
The Assembly of carrier rockets "Soyuz-2" was suspended for a period of self-isolation because of the pandemic of coronavirus, said the General Director of the enterprise Dmitry Baranov
The head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk has responded to the words of the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin
The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, responded to comments by the head of SpaceX Elon musk
The British national health service (NHS) will develop a mobile application to monitor contacts of infected coronavirus infection
Moscow and Washington agreed to establish a working group on outer space
The Russian crew members of expedition ISS-62 aboard the International space station congratulated the inhabitants of the Earth with the Day of Cosmonautics.
The General Director of the Russian space Agency, Dmitry Rogozin, said that in the updated Fundamentals of state policy in the field of space activities is the task of exploration of other planets
Virologists in the UK will be ready to test they have developed vaccines against COVID-19 people in the next two weeks. The chance of success is estimated at 80 percent
The Federal medical-biological Agency provided a test system for the detection of coronavirus in 15-20 minutes
During Friday, the volcano twice spewed a column of ash to a height of 200 and 500 meters
The epidemic of coronavirus of a new type in Russia can be finished in the beginning of the first summer month.
The head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, announced that Russia had to respond to the dumping of SpaceX Elon musk on the launch services market
Doctor of medical Sciences, broadcaster Andrew Prodeusa we appreciated the protection from the coronavirus-like plastic screens for the face
The broadcast will take place on social networks companies
The morning of Saturday, April 11, the number of the total number infected with a coronavirus COVID-19 in the world since the beginning of the pandemic reached nearly 1.7 million
Apple and Google announced about working together on a technology for smartphones that detects contact with an infected coronavirus people
Roscosmos plans to resume launches from the Sea launch Corporation, the Federal space Agency allows for the possibility of the resumption of launches from the floating cosmodrome Sea launch in 2024, said in a letter to the company
Already in the current decade the ecosystem of the ocean can wait for the collapse, but in a negative scenario, after 20 years, the disaster will cover animals and land. This was stated by a group of scientists from USA, UK and Africa.
The head of the Federal medico-biological Agency Veronika Skvortsova said that researchers have proven the antiviral effectiveness of the drug "Mefloquine" in respect of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
Not more often two times a day is to use antiseptics for disinfection of the hands. This Council talked to the news Agency RIA Novosti dermatologists. At the same time as the experts, use antiseptics only need those who visit public places.
A medical mask should be changed every two to three hours. To disinfect it. The second time the masks are not used. What to do with the mask when it has become useless? Throw it in the trash? In the waste container? In the trash can? Or just throw out the window of the car if you go? None of this absolutely can not do.
NASA astronaut, crew member of ISS-62/63 Chris Cassidy, assessed the chances of getting coronavirus infection to the International space station arrived there on April 9 crew
A group of scientists from the United States under the leadership of Muhammad Moniruzzaman from the Polytechnic University of Virginia found unusual genes in the group of giant viruses that are similar in size to bacteria. These genes allow the virus to rebuild the metabolism of the host cell, turning it into a sort of "zombie", says the magazine Nature Communications.
Alcohol solution that kills viruses, does not need to be highly concentrated, for these purposes may be and vodka, said «Russian newspaper», the Deputy Director of the Central research Institute of epidemiology, corresponding member of RAS Alexander Gorelov.
The antiparasitic drug ivermectin is able to suppress propagation of SARS-CoV-2
The expert called by the above marketing statement that ginger, lemon, or any other product can protect from the new type of coronavirus.
The coronavirus can cause skin rashes similar to hives. To such conclusion the French dermatologists.
Virologists believe that the probability of infection with mers after contact with packing products in the supermarket still exists, but it is much lower than in contact with an infected person. The opinions of doctors published by the German newspaper Bild.
Experts have found that had infected skin lesions
An abundance of tests to identify COVID-19 and are not always accurate and their results are very confusing Muscovites. How to understand a large variety of emerging options diagnostic systems? What is PCR or rapid test? Which one is highly sensitive and which is not? Is it possible to take the analysis from himself and send to the lab? To put things into proper perspective, we asked the head of the laboratory for genome editing National medical research center. V. I. Kulakov, doctor of biological Sciences Denis REBRIKOV.
The pathogen is able to penetrate the blood brain barrier and directly destroy tissue
The publishing house "Louis" was released the next book in the series "Portrait of the intelligence" about the academician Mikhail Marowe. A scientist who worked side by side with Mstislav Keldysh, left a noticeable trace in astrophysics
On the night of April 8 the Moon will come as close as possible to the Ground, starts "pink" full moon. Unusual color of the satellite due to the fact that meteoric dust and other small space COP better is visible in the distance
Russia was innovative Express test, which allows an accuracy of more than 94% to determine the presence of coronavirus infection in the human body. This was reported in the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation
In Novosibirsk has passed the registration of a new test system for the diagnosis of coronavirus developed in Federal center of Virology and biotechnology "Vector". It allows you to get the result in 90 minutes

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