Medical masks has been a dangerous problem

Masks as well as gloves, paper towels, handkerchiefs and other sanitary and domestic waste likely to be planted with viruses, and they get a jorph infection workers garbage companies, janitors or people who opt out of dumpsters, recyclables and live it.

During a pandemic, disposal of sanitary waste and means of individual protection requires a special approach. Moreover, coronavirus, as scientists have found, it remains viable on some surfaces for up to three weeks.

In hospitals has a special algorithm for the collection and disposal of waste generated directly from patients. They work from methodome conducted by the special rules, which are enshrined in the law on the disposal of medical waste

But now – because of the pandemic – any house, office, the enterprise may produce medical waste. And for them there is no “special algorithm” is not.

“Masks, paper handkerchiefs and other sanitary and domestic wastes we please put in plastic bags, preferably two, and be sure to tie them. In this form the waste can be put into the gray tank” – offers a company engaged in collection and disposal of solid waste in the Moscow region.

in Addition to the gray tank for the mixed waste container sites established blue tank for recycling. Here in the blue tank do not throw anything medical – even in the tied package. The contents of the blue pots is sorted, the sorters can easily pick up an infection.

Waste from the grey tank then would be either on the ground or be placed on the map for temporary storage of non-recyclable “tails” of sorting. After the commissioning of the incinerators are “tails” will be recycled into electricity.

When infectious patients in the settlement is many times more than usual, problems with the trash also getting much more.

In Wuhan, for example, had to build not only the nthe new hospital, and additional processing plant of medical waste. In addition, at the peak of disease there worked about 50 mobile cleaning stations, allowing to decontaminate medical waste on – site prior to transport for recycling.

Yesterday, the Ministry of health of Russia issued a clarification on the treatment of medical waste in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. “Waste management is conducted in accordance with sanitary-epidemiological requirements to the handling of medical waste in Any waste management class different from that stated in the document is unacceptable.”

medical waste class are:

Materials in contact with patients with infectious diseases.

– Waste from laboratories, pharmaceutical and immunobiological industries, working with microorganisms of pathogenicity groups 1-2.

– Waste treatment and diagnostic units of TB hospitals (dispensaries), contaminated sputum of patients, waste from microbiological laboratories.

Medical masks, without which Sach as people try not to take to the streets for the most part can be considered as a medical waste of class b materials in contact with patients with infectious diseases.

to treat them in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of health of ordinary people, of course, can’t. But still we must remember that the used mask can be dangerous to others. It’s not a wrapper from a candy and not a glass of yogurt.

Now, however, and wrap with glass can be dangerous.

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