The Ministry of agriculture urged to carry out field works by students, the unemployed and convicts

a Shortage of workers, in fact, it turned out before planting. It turned out that a huge army of migrant workers, which in previous years helped the agricultural holdings and farmers in the battle for the harvest, because of the coronavirus may not return to Russia. The boundaries move as closed from our side, and from the former Soviet republics.

Officially, the village employs about 7% of migrant workers.

In fact, there are many more, their name is Legion. Who will check the registration on any distant farms, where, separated from the beast plastic screen, live operators, herdsmen and sealike from Central Asia?

As reported in open sources, it is planned to attract 23 thousand “inmates” and even a certain number of people who have lost their jobs (due to a coronavirus) in other industries: hospitality and public catering business, beauty salons, etc.

Enough of that mobilization, to the best agronomic terms to carry out this campaign?

the Idea of the Ministry of agriculture the farmers do not believe it is reasonable. Yes, manpower is not enough, but need primarily experienced machine operators. For ancillary work, you can put anyone there only manage to turn his head and look to avoid the nodes in the machinery.

— But how can I trust your tractor, which they bought on lease for 25 million rubles, a student or something, and the more convicted? says one farmer. — Everywhere in selosteita sent out announcements: need two qualified mechanic. We certainly need more, but two desperately! Next week will be released for planting. Salary at present is not small, 50 thousand rubles. The reaction? “I think” or “is it possible on a rotational basis? Two weeks you and two weeks home in Lipetsk?” What is shift work? The sowing campaign is a month and a half! Field can’t leave! In Lipetsk his salary of 15 thousand rubles, and in Moscow on the 50 “pieces” to go he even think…

— going to raise the village unemployed from Moscow? Many are now out of business and the village had at least some salary…

— under any circumstances! From all over Russia travel to Moscow, to serve as security guards or taxi drivers. As a rule, leave their farms. And now they return to earth? No way!

the Source claims that all of the staffing difficulties the sowing campaign Russia still hold, that harvesting season is already needed the entire army. Loading and unloading, bags, buckets… There are no qualification is not necessary. But even in his little farm last fall and worked more than 100 seasonal workers! Where did they come from, if he is now ten and can’t get the staff?

the Situation is not pretty, no wonder the President is not the first time speaks to the people and governors are not zealous in the blocking of borders between regions, to give the ability to move goods and products. From Krasnodar misleading: left in the field 50 tonnes of the first crop of radishes, can’t get to Moscow! And in Moscow, by the way, all markets are closed.

— a Russian village was deserted, the government is only now beginning to understand, says associate Professor Timiryazev agricultural Academy Igor Abakumov. — Ask the employee any cleaning company in Moscow: where? From there, from the village, worked as a milkmaid. Accurate information on how many migrant workers in Russia in the countryside, no. According to surveys of regions — there are about 8-10 million… Without them would be hard. After all, their employees are sorely lacking. So it should all of us be a good lesson for the future. Will the next crop!

— And prisoners ever brought to seed?

— it Seems that in history this was not. The soldiers “threw breakthrough” students. But in the Soviet time, education was free. And go whether today’s “martyrs of science” to harvest potatoes — not a fact. After all, they paid for gaining knowledge, not for the fact that the bags across the field to drag!