The coronavirus found cutaneous symptoms

Doctors report that the patient coronavirus infection manifests different symptoms: for someone it is with the temperature, someone without; someone has a cold, the other not; the cough, too, is not the main symptom. Now, according to the BFMTV, the French experts from the National syndicate of dermatologists-venereologists revealed another symptom that may indicate infection: a rash that resembles hives.

Some patients not only suffer from redness of the skin but also from itching. In some cases, redness can be painful. But to establish the exact cause of the impact of the virus on the skin have not yet succeeded. Scientists propose to pursue such cases urgently because, theoretically, patients with similar symptoms may have a higher degree of transmission of the virus despite the fact that the respiratory manifestations of the disease they have is not always.

As told to “MK” head of the Department of infectious diseases sbei HPE “First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov” Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Elena Volchkova, in serious scientific literature, it is data about patients infected with COVID-19, with similar symptoms, she never met: “Even the Chinese, who have vast experience in monitoring such patients, never of such are not reported, and it’s very strange. So you need to collect more data to confirm this fact.

Perhaps rash in these patients may be completely unrelated to coronavirus infection. It is not excluded that it is generally an allergic reaction, including the administration of drugs. We do not know the age of these patients nor their history, nor information on the presence of allergic component. Of course, there are infections that rash is an important symptom. It is difficult only by the presence of a rash to judge what kind of disease”.

Meanwhile, urticaria is one of the most common types of allergic reactions in the world. According to expert estimates, at least once in life faced with it every fifth inhabitant of our planet. She proyavlyaetI pruritus and rash, similar to insect bites or burns from the nettle, in response to the influence of some substances (internally or externally).

Itching is enhanced by the stress, scratching and alcohol. The occurrence of such rash could be food (any kind, but most often it is allergic oranges, strawberries, chocolate, peanuts, eggs, etc.), plants, dust, animal dander.

Many medicines, even herbal (in the first place, the antibiotic penicillin), insect bites, non-steroidal protivovospalitelnoe funds (the same as ibuprofen or paracetamol, which usually bring down the temperature) and even weather factors (sun, heat, cold, etc.) in addition, hives may be accompanied by any viral diseases (SARS, each can give the skin the body’s response to a new virus). So while the new symptom COVID-19 more questions than answers.

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