Virologists told when in Russia will end the pandemic coronavirus

the Most optimistic completion date of the pandemic in Russia is the beginning of June. But this is only possible if no serious errors, and citizens will avoid contact with each other. The final victory over the virus is possible only when there is a vaccine. But it will not happen before the end of 2020.

the male pointed to the danger of new waves in the fashion industry, from countries where there is a serious epidemiological situation. For example, Spain, Thailand. Also we don’t know what is happening in Africa and India, there is no mass testing. It is possible that these regions will the second wave of infection.

the Main scientific employee of scientific research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology N. Gamalei Victor Zuev supports the view Maleeva. “Look at what is happening today has increased the number of infected! Every day their number grows and grows!” – he told the publication Nation News.

the Assumption that the peak of the spread of coronavirus in Russia will in mid-April, is completely wrong. It is ridiculous to assume that tomorrow will be fine, if today is bad. The rate of spread of the coronavirus in Russia is serious. Therefore, all will end in June.

the Professor ran Karima Nigmatullina-Masicka believes that the peak of coronavirus in Russia will be few, she said “news”. The reason for this low level of passenger traffic between regions, and a large area of the country.

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