The Germans found antibodies to the coronavirus in 14% of the population

on average, according to German scientists, taking into account the errors with coronavirus is actually ill or sick 15% of the population of the commune, where the lives of 12,000 people.

mortality from COVID-19 Angelite is 0,37%.

Now researchers around the world are trying to understand the true extent of infection by the coronavirus and sizes formed a collective immunity to it, holding a mass test on different samples. Recently in Austria the government has tested a representative group at COVID-19 representative group of a thousand people – was that infected less than 1%.

as for the results of the German study, some experts have expressed doubts. So, Simon Clark, associate Professor of cellular Microbiology at the University of reading, said: “the Discovery of the fact that 14% of the population Gangelt found antibodies to the virus, calling COVID19, very interesting. But it does not prove that these 14% have immunity. Because we do not know how the presence of antibodies in practice may protect against coronavirus and how long can such an immunity.”

David Heymann, Professor at London school of hygiene and tropical medicine, says: it is necessary to take into account the sensitivity used by the Germans test for antibodies. It is possible that it detects antibodies to other coronaviruses.

As previously mentioned the American researchers, epidemiologists are most interested in two questions on COVID-19 – in addition to the duration of immunity is seasonality: summer in the Northern hemisphere will show how in this respect, a coronavirus similar to the flu.

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