A vaccine against coronavirus COVID-19 promised by September

British virologists are ready to test on volunteers they have developed vaccines against COVID-19 in the next two weeks. This cautiously optimistic statement was made by the Professor-virologist at Oxford University, Sarah Gilbert. How big is the chance of success? 80 percent, according to the Oxford virologists.

the Killer virus around the globe opposed to the best virologists. Professor Gilbert admitted that have to work non-stop seven days a week. The popular expression, “he who hesitates is lost” today, scientists perceived by physicians as a guide to action. In an interview with British newspaper the Times Sara Gilbert said, “I believe we have a great chance it will work given the fact that we have done with the vaccine of this type.”

However, an absolute guarantee of reputable scientists to give yet. To make sure that everything will be ready by the fall, would, in the opinion of the British virologists possible only under the condition that everything goes like clockwork. “Nobody can guarantee that this will work,” says Professor Gilbert.

Photo: Paul lions/RIA Novosti the Kremlin expects the Russian healthcare system will withstand overload

As it turns out, for scientists developing anti-vaccine, the quarantine regime significantly complicates testing of vaccines, as contacts between people are insignificant. But for the early receipt of the result, the researchers needed an area where the infection with coronavirus is more extensive.

Earlier this week, researchers from Southendonsea University announced the discovery of a virus that has “low defense”. This means that developing a vaccine will be much easier.

Today, the United Kingdom is one of the “leaders” in the frequentand financing of the developers of the vaccine. The government of Albion said that if the vaccine trials are successful, it will purchase millions of drugs developed with a vaccine.

However, not all share the optimism of the Oxford Virology on the part of the advent of the antidote COVID-19. Some developers of the vaccine believe that it will take at least a year that the vaccine was ready to be supplied to medical institutions.

I would Like to believe that this time the account will be in favor of the optimists.