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In China over the past day recorded 99 cases of infection with coronavirus new type
Bilateral pneumonia was diagnosed from a colleague of Nadezhda Babkina, the show “Fashion Verdict”, fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev.
Elen Shakirova appointed head coach of the women's basketball club "Dynamo".
In St. Petersburg was hospitalized singer Tatyana Bulanov
Head of Department of preventive maintenance of oncological research center named
The US President Donald trump has received from The New York Times that most cases of the coronavirus came to new York from Europe, not Asia
Because of the high prevalence of coronavirus in Moscow from April 13 suspends the operation of car — sharing services for short-term naemo cars. Authorities said that to maintain proper sanitary conditions inside the machine with constantly changing drivers rather difficult.
The Federal medical-biological Agency provided a test system for the detection of coronavirus in 15-20 minutes
In connection with the pandemic coronavirus capital theater College transferred students on distance learning as possible, and to seriously protect the institutions themselves. While some students learn online-study at home, others were isolated in hostels. About how the students live in theater "the Dorm", said the rector of the University Grigory Zaslavsky and rector of the theatre school. Shchukin Evgeny Knyazev.
The epidemic of coronavirus in Moscow is heavy, said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov
Russia sympathizes with the Americans because of the prevailing difficult situation of coronavirus, said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov
The US President Donald trump has signed a decree, according to which provides for the introduction of visa sanctions for States that "refuse or unduly delay" the removal of its citizens upon the request of Washington
Recently the Minister of Finance of his native country, Mr. Siluanov gave are things that I almost choked — and in the moment in a public place it could even be life-threatening. He said with a straight face that, first, "were the fat years", and secondly, that now "we need to begin to effectively develop the economy". What?
Russia and Saudi Arabia at the summit of OPEC countries+ held 9 April via videoconference, to discuss the possibility of reducing global production by 20%. This is with reference to its sources, reports Reuters. In turn, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), relying on its own channels of information, said that the overall discussion on capacity reduction of 20 million barrels per day. Earlier, Russia offered to cut the appetites of only 10 million "barrels" of which promised to take a limit of 1.6 million barrels a day. "Black gold" until it feels very uncomfortable. Rising on the eve of negotiations to $35, then the rate falls to $33.
The epidemic of coronavirus of a new type in Russia can be finished in the beginning of the first summer month.
COVID-19, attacked mankind without a Declaration of war, showed and revealed things are far from medicine, I'm sure the actor Viktor Sukhorukov. We can talk about this with him, although we shared 97 kilometers. I'm in my Moscow apartment, and he's on their six acres under Orekhovo-Zuevo, the.And it seems that Viktor is the only one who is not echoed by the mass choir, which sings different voices saying that the whole life after the disastrous virus has changed, and will not find anyone.
On the background of the announced recent measures to tighten the regime of self-isolation in the Russian capital it is interesting to look at the experience of other countries. In South Korea, the authorities are seriously planning to use electronic bracelets to track people who ignore the quarantine.
Members of the banned terrorist organization ISIS declared that they will not face the disease is a coronavirus. The leadership group has spread among the rank and file militants manual on what rules you need to follow to stay healthy, and also urged them to new terrorist attacks, while Western countries weakened by the epidemic. As they claim to be ordinary terrorists, they are ready to continue the fight and not afraid of being infected with coronavirus.
The epidemic of the coronavirus, some countries even helps to solve their local problems. So, the consumption of energy in the world greatly reduced, hence the lower market value.
Isolation is in progress in Moscow and gives people a discomfort. It concerns and media persons. How comforting to quarantine yourself known to people that you can cook on the forced home stay and how to build in a period of isolation relationships with children, we were told the actors and designers.
The number of patients who died from the coronavirus in Russia exceeded 100 people
In the National hockey League is considering several options for completing interrupted because of the coronavirus pandemic of a new type of season
Doctor of medical Sciences, broadcaster Andrew Prodeusa we appreciated the protection from the coronavirus-like plastic screens for the face
In the near future in Russia are dramatically more expensive products due to the fall of the ruble. This was announced by the Association of retail companies (ACORT), which brings together the largest domestic retailers.
The morning of Saturday, April 11, the number of the total number infected with a coronavirus COVID-19 in the world since the beginning of the pandemic reached nearly 1.7 million
From 8 to 15 April, the Jews celebrate the Passover, one of the main festivals symbolizing the birth of a new Jewish people out of slavery. And already on April 12, the torch will be Western Christians, celebrating Easter, a story about the possibility of the son of man to transcend the physical shell and find a new life. By and large, we all celebrate the same holiday - the liberation from the shackles of injustice, and the transition to a new stage of awareness of the world.
Apple and Google announced about working together on a technology for smartphones that detects contact with an infected coronavirus people
Until the end of April in Russia should recover more than a thousand people, as the treatment of most patients with coronavirus takes about two weeks
The number of registered cases of infection with coronavirus in India increased by about 1035 in recent days, reaching 7447 people
The largest city in Bolivia, Santa Cruz will be militarized as of April 14, the pandemic coronavirus
Well-known Russian producer Joseph Prigogine spoke sharply against those who criticize singer Lev Leshchenko and accuses him of the spread of coronavirus
The Ministry of Finance announced the completion of the transaction to repurchase from the Central Bank controlling stake in Sberbank. The government paid for 52.3% of the shares of 2.14 trillion rubles, which is 300 billion less than previously planned amount. The Finance Ministry transferred all the money at once and not in several tranches, as originally intended. Such haste is explained by the fact that the government desperately needs money for anti-crisis measures. Now it is time for the Central Bank: the regulator needs to transfer a large part of the amount back to the Treasury. Understand in detail dokhtarironi castling.
Pause on the stage — the right thing. With its help, you can tell a lot. Same thing in life. Today we have all slowed down, paused. Why the pause?This time we stole or gave it to us? And how can we break this hold?
As it became known edition of L'equipe, the season of the championship of France of football is scheduled to finish in late July
The President of the United States Donald trump have ordered Italy to help in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus
The main intrigue of the world petroleum negotiations is whether countries involved in the new deal OPEC+, to persuade Mexico to accept the General conditions – lasted less than a day. Initially, Mexico refused to cut production by 400 thousand barrels per day. The next day the figure changed to 350 thousand, and the country was agree that 250 thousand of them took over the United States. Now the final approval of the transaction is expected in the evening of 10 April. In the conference of energy Ministers of "big twenty".
Yalta judo Federation announced to its students contest "Mom, dad, I – sports family!", dedicated to the International Day of sport for peace and development and the world health Day.
The head of the Federal medico-biological Agency Veronika Skvortsova said that researchers have proven the antiviral effectiveness of the drug "Mefloquine" in respect of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
Andrei Razin once again provokes a scandal in the environment of show business. Now a well-known producer asked the colleagues of those things with taxes, and predicts his poverty. "Tender may" has paid all taxes in the Soviet era! I have all the documents on hand!", - hot Razin, - and the other is paid? But soon all the stars will be clothes to sell and live on that money!"
Not more often two times a day is to use antiseptics for disinfection of the hands. This Council talked to the news Agency RIA Novosti dermatologists. At the same time as the experts, use antiseptics only need those who visit public places.
More than 100 thousand people died from the effects of coronavirus infection around the world reported by the Johns Hopkins University, the leading estimates
The President of the United States Donald trump said he will fit very seriously and responsibly to the choice of the moment of renewal of economy after the pandemic coronavirus
The Central Bank announced new measures to support the population, banks and businesses. In particular, abolished the allowance for risk coefficients on mortgage loans issued before 1 April. That, according to the respondents "MK" experts, aims to revive a paralyzed coronavirus credit market. The main task of the Central Bank, noticed its head Elvira Nabiullina, is to enable the economy after the lifting of quarantine restrictions to return to normal, and people get out of this situation with minimal losses.
A medical mask should be changed every two to three hours. To disinfect it. The second time the masks are not used. What to do with the mask when it has become useless? Throw it in the trash? In the waste container? In the trash can? Or just throw out the window of the car if you go? None of this absolutely can not do.
The Helicon, favorite theater Muscovites, located on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street in the old mansion of Princess Shakhovskaya, today marks 30 years. The age of maturity, drive, energy, creativity and the young full-blooded love.Helikon people a few months preparing for this date, wanted to invite friends and fans to Opera night - with intrigue, surprises, fireworks of talents. But... the Meanest coronavirus decided to wipe out Opera plans, dispersed conductors, musicians, singers, fitters, of props, of the Stuarts, the drawers - Yes, home. And gleefully rubbing his hands, rejoiced in his treachery.
In the USA the number of deaths from coronavirus infection over the past day for the first time exceeded 2 thousand
The US President Donald trump has signed a decree on visa sanctions against countries that hamper the return of nationals of the United States against the background of the pandemic coronavirus
Sakhalin sports school summer sports the name of the honored coach Rcfcrcncc switched to distance learning! Prosecurity COVID-19 would not want to participate in video training.
NASA astronaut, crew member of ISS-62/63 Chris Cassidy, assessed the chances of getting coronavirus infection to the International space station arrived there on April 9 crew

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