Products to rise by 15%: experts talk about the cards

the HSE has said Russia will soon rise by 5-15%. Suppliers have warned retailers to increase the purchase prices by 20 – 50%, which will inevitably affect retail. Informed market participants talked about the inevitable rise in price of products “simple” segments: the eggs will rise in price by 20%, coffee by 5-15%, pasta 20%, and bread by 5%.

the Average increase of 15% is justified, says head of Board of the Russian Association of experts of the retail market Andrey Karpov. “This is due to the depreciation of the ruble, the current epidemiological situation, rising costs for disinfection of premises, product, staff. Also complicating logistics between certain regions because of the pandemic. A price increase of 50% is, of course, is unlikely,” — he said.

Indeed, the fall of the ruble — this is the real reason for rising prices. Even in the domestic goods a certain proportion of imported components, product packaging, production equipment, raw materials. Another factor that may affect price — high demand from consumers for certain products as Essentials, and exotic, which rumor attributed miraculous antiviral properties.

However, too much to raise food prices in the current environment merchants just can’t afford it. It is their “natural” desire rests on the fall in effective demand of the population. Now, if you believe the polls of sociologists, about 70% of consumers record loss of revenue, and as the continuation of quarantine measures, this share will increase every day. In turn, the reduced financial possibilities of the population will slow the rise in price of products.

But while the rise in price of food remains on the agenda. The first of the coming growth of food prices reported Rusprodsoyuz, Association of outstanding manufacturers and suppliers of food products. The members of the organization said that they can’t cover costs, in particular due to the fall of the ruble. For this reason, they have decided to increase the purchase price of the product in 15%, and who 50%. The reaction of the authorities on this information do not have to wait long. In the state Duma noted that to increase the value of products in a pandemic immoral. It is known that Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin was provided with a draft mechanism for regulation of growth of prices for food. However, the Ministry considers administrative intervention in pricing is inefficient. Therefore, the question of exactly how the authorities will curb the increase in food prices, is still open.

the Chairman of consumers Union of Russia Peter Shelishch convinced that the government was forced to make a loud statement and to announce the intention to tie the hands of suppliers and trading networks, which in the period of the epidemic are going to Rob the population. The authorities could not remain silent as afraid to lose the trust of their voters and provoke social tension. Meanwhile, the expert notes, we cannot allow the artificial regulation of the market. Such a move could lead to shortages of some goods and the development of black markets. “If a decision is made, for example, to set the price of ginger at 100 rubles per kg, will have a deficit which will have to introduce formal restrictions on the purchase in one hand. Immediately begin to develop the black market. The first buyer will buy all available items in the store and will sell it at exorbitant prices, but somewhere around the corner,” warns the expert.

it is Very important in such a difficult economic situation to help people with the purchase of food, continues Delish. “Because of the crisis people lose their jobs and remain without means of subsistence. You need to unfreeze the project of food aid to poor citizens, developed by the Ministry of industry and trade. The programme included the introduction of feed ration cards for those whose monthly earnings are below subsistence level, and, I might add, for those who remained without work because of the pandemic coronavirus,” he says.

targeted Introduction of POMoschi in the form of prodanov will not only help people in need, but also domestic producers, bringing a serious loss, as these cards can only be purchased with our products, explains the expert.