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The new type of coronavirus does not breed on the food and after she passed, but catching a dangerous infection in the supermarket is still possible. This opinion was voiced by an employee of the Ohio state University Sanjeev Ilic.
These musicians have always been creativity and reactivity. In nowadays situation, when the actors and the audience lost the opportunity to meet at a live concert, all activity moved to the Internet. Raised a wave of online performances, including the punk band "Tarakany!" was distinguished by the originality of the submission and concept. The participants have prepared for fans not only an impressive programme of songs, but also brought on the air by various experts, including medical blogger, Gestalt therapist and zavotdeleniye emergency Advisory emergency medical service. In an interview with "MK" team leader Dmitry Spirin has told how he came up with this idea and what a paradox was revealed during the quarantine.
People are isolated from normal life, slowly but surely fly into a rage. It is understandable — sense of supertaste in four walls is not conducive to peace and goodwill. First from the growth of the universal nervousness affected households: around the world in recent weeks, increasing the level of family violence, as psychologists predict a surge of divorces after release from quarantine.
The head of the UFC Dana white announced that the reason for the cancellation was a phone call from the highest level
Physicians medical-surgical center of Pirogov – one of the capital's hospitals, which are heavy patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19, called the drug to which they are pinning their hopes. This was written head of the Department of anesthesiology, intensive care Warmer Boris, who keeps a diary with the chronology of the disease. "After discussing with colleagues, Vitaly Gusarov (head doctor of a hospital in nmhts them. N. And. Pirogov – ed.) and Denis Protsenko (chief doctor Kommunarka – ed.) all came to the opinion that you can say about tocilizumab how the drug is promising in the "cytokine storm", - said Boris Warm. He further thanked the colleague who deals with the systematization of information. "Thanks to our chief of anesthesiology and intensive care, Professor Sabatino Mikhail Nikolaevich, who continuously tries to organize the barrage of information and offers workers scheme".About the benefits this drug has previously said Chinese and American doctors.
In Moscow in order to combat the spread of the pandemic coronavirus introduces a temporary restriction on visits to antenatal clinics, according to the telegram channel, RIA "Novosti"
Combating coronavirus is in different countries, but one of the most tense situation in Spain. At the moment there are ill 148 thousand people, the epidemic has claimed more than 14 thousand lives. What's it like to live in a country where raging epidemic, as authorities fight infection and is it really so scary "MK" said the Manager of the edition "MK-Spain" Alexander SURGUTANOV.
Scientists from the University of Bonn through a random sample was tested for antibodies to the coronavirus 1000 residents of the village of Gangelt, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Antibodies were detected in 14%, 2% studied showed signs of infection COVID-19.
A group of scientists from the University of Hong Kong said the new data on the behavior of the new coronavirus
During a pandemic, and economic uncertainty intensified cynical hunters for profit. Taking advantage of the panic and isolation, crooks extorting people for money or steal personal data. In the Arsenal of criminals dozens of schemes: viral sites, the promise of compensation, intimidation, fines, fake certificate, the imposition procedures of disinfection and pamphlets on prevention. Our recommendations will help not to be deceived.
The work of Alexei German Jr. on the film "Air", the events that occur during the great Patriotic war interrupted gripped the world pandemic. When shooting resumed, now hard to say. Like most of us, Alex is quarantined. We talked on the phone.
The operational headquarters to monitor the situation with coronavirus Moscow region said Sunday that the number of deceased persons who have been diagnosed COVID-19 increased to 18 people
Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, answering the questions of the presenter in the program "Moscow
The Russian economy may need significantly more financial assistance from the state. About this stated the head of "Business Russia" Alexey Repik.
Actor, head of the Commission of Moscow city Council on culture and mass communications Evgeny Gerasimov told about the state of the 70-year-old people's artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina, which previously ended up in the hospital with bilateral pneumonia were connected to a ventilator and put into an artificial coma
Medical masks now in Russia there are hundreds of million pieces. Which became so popular during the advent of coronavirus item is already almost half of the inhabitants of Moscow. Is and – throws later, the used, polluted, and possibly infected remedy. What is the fate of such specific MSW is municipal solid waste? And they can threaten us with you? In this versed correspondent "MK".
Gang, pyramid schemes, and street prostitution — evil forgotten classics of the 90s could come back and overwhelm the country in the near future. All because of a forced quarantine measures and economic stagnation that paralysed the normal life. Former detective of Moscow criminal investigation Department Igor Grishakov gave "MK" alarming forecast for the near future and described the conditions necessary to prevent crime waves.
Russia will not have time to get out of the restrictive measures against the coronavirus to the Victory Day, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova in an interview with the program "Moscow
The Italian government decided to prohibit the holding of football matches with the audience until 2021, announced on Twitter by the journalist of TV channel beIN Sports Tancredi Palmeri
Gradually now in Russia people accept the new reality, in which the main news becomes plaguing the humanity as a virus. Writer Leonid Yuzefovich, whose book "Cranes and dwarfs", "the Autocrat of the desert" and "Winter road" have already become modern classics, said in an interview with "MK" on the anxiety for the future, new adventurers, and how can the pandemic to escalate into Civil war.
In Russia for the last day of coronavirus was detected in 52 regions
The Ministry of health of Spain reported that over the past day in the country from the coronavirus died 619 people
The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the scientists were promised a million dollars if they will develop a vaccine against coronavirus
One spring day feeds a year. To an accelerated pace to carry out the sowing campaign, the Ministry of agriculture is planning for all the bottom of the barrel to collect labour force, to attract to the noble class not only for students of agricultural universities and colleges, but even convicts.
World championship in underwater sports in Tomsk, which was to be held this summer, the pandemic coronavirus postponed for a year
Candidate of biological Sciences, head of laboratory of ecology of viruses of SIC fundamental and translational medicine Cyril Ershov told RT about viruses that overcome cross-species barriers, and can be transferred from animals and insects to humans
"Give this to Harry Potter, if suddenly will meet him" - so detailed and somewhat verbose permanent leader of group "spleen" Alexander Vasiliev called his new song posted on the Internet in the midst of a pandemic. But not so much the pandemic, how many of expressive "events" prompted the author to creative saying for the day. The statement provoked a lively response not only from fans and motorsystems, but colleagues of the musician. Known for iconic rock verse "Aria" poetess Margarita Pushkina, writing now in the underground its own rock tales in the name of "Margency", for example, the voice called Vasilyev "very boring" and Andrei Makarevich on the contrary was inspired so much that responded own the song "Answer Harry Potter Sasha Vasilyev". In General, went dvizhuha.
Venezuela has received from China over 30 tons of humanitarian aid to combat coronavirus infection
Clever food retailers, as it turns out, is not averse to cash in on the current unprecedented situation. Methods as old as the world: to create an artificial hype around a product, and then sharply raise supplies and prices. Now the role of such "meteors" of the food market are the ginger and garlic. For example, for ginger now have to pay 20 times more than a month ago. Such a jump in cost caused by excessive consumer demand for the product, which supposedly has antiviral properties. For the same reason rose and garlic. And, despite the denials of scientists about the "magical" properties of these products, people continue to carry their money in shops and retailers to rewrite the price tags upward.
A group of French doctors confirmed that during the observation of patients infected with the coronavirus, some of them discovered a new symptom – a rash on the skin that looks similar to urticaria. As most often in such cases no severe manifestations of coronavirus infection, there is reason to assume that they can transmit the virus, including through the skin. How these assumptions are justified, we asked the experts.
Lev Leshchenko was discharged from the hospital in Kommunarka, where he lay with a diagnosis of "coronavirus". We talked with the artist about the attacks on him and about the situation of Nadezhda Babkina, hospitalized with COVID-19. The behavior of some "hysterical" woman is so shocked that he wrote a poignant essay: "Worse than a physical ailment - an illness, eating away at the soul."
Difficult night from Saturday to Sunday was for the family of the famous singer Diana Gurtskaya. The son of a famous singer and public figure Diana Gurtskaya and her husband, Deputy Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Peter Kucherenko was in the hospital. But, thank God, not with the coronavirus and not with pneumonia. The Bones, which in the summer reaches 13 years of age, was diagnosed with appendicitis. "At 00.00 the operation is over. Kostya is asleep. Thanks to all the doctors and M. A. Kurtser for care and work," publicly thanked the doctors in the network, the boy's father, the husband of Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko. He noted that the health situation of the child was threatening. "The clarity, accuracy and professionalism avoiding peritonitis", - he said. The attack happened suddenly, so like three days ago Diana has exhibited in Instagram your photos with the son, and all have been good.
In the US Democratic party summed up the results in the Alaska primaries
An emergency meeting of OPEC countries+ scheduled for April 9, which will be held in format of teleconference – the center of attention of market players all over the world. The stakes are high: either the States together fail to agree on the reduction of production volumes of "black gold", or the barrel will fall to record low levels, bringing the economies of producing countries, and so lying on the side of the pandemic, a new untold disaster. A lot depends on participation in the dialogue States that have not previously been aside from cutting production. According to preliminary data, the consent to capacity limitation gave Norway, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Mexico, and Canada and the United States. However, the participation of the two countries in remote negotiations are not officially confirmed.
The Executive Director of the organizing Committee of the Olympic games in Tokyo Toshiro muto said that the spread of coronavirus in the world is unpredictable
Global GDP due to the pandemic will not receive for two years of more than $5 trillion, which is comparable with the annual volume of industrial production of Japan, writes Bloomberg with reference to the assessment of the banks on wall street. However, as the epidemic of the coronavirus will not guarantee that the world will get off this damage, but not 2-3 times more. As for Russia, then, according to the respondents "MK" experts to judge its economic prospects and losses is even more thankless.
The Assembly of carrier rockets "Soyuz-2" was suspended for a period of self-isolation because of the pandemic of coronavirus, said the General Director of the enterprise Dmitry Baranov
Foreign investors confirm their readiness to lend to Ukrainian logistics projects after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, said the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Crickley.
Journalist Boris korchevnikov "fine" - this was reported by his colleagues when asked to comment on the news media
The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that he was tired in the fight against the spread of coronavirus
On Saturday in the United States began to translate the accounts of citizens first lump-sum payment provided by the law on economic stimulus measures in the struggle with the consequences of a pandemic of a new type of coronavirus.  
The British national health service (NHS) will develop a mobile application to monitor contacts of infected coronavirus infection
Modern poetry is so versatile and vast that sometimes dazzled by the abundance of names and poems that I write today, it seems, everything. The benefit of the missing, and the notorious coronavirus them became even more. How to compose in quarantine days, and it is blessed solitude? The correspondent of "MK" asked c these questions to a young poet Boris Kutenkov, which is not only a wonderful author and editor, but also inspiration and one of the founders of the anthology, dedicated to deceased poets.
The head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev introduced in the city of Aldan quarantine because of pandemic coronavirus
In the Mexican Ministry of health has expressed outrage after the attack on nurses working with patients who have the coronavirus
UK will allocate 200 million pounds (249 million dollars) for charitable and international organizations to assist developing countries in the fight against coronavirus infection
The Russian football Union (RFU) has officially informed the Union of European football associations (UEFA) about the readiness of St. Petersburg to host the matches of the European championship in 2021
During the week the specialists from Russia have carried out disinfection of the 25 medical facilities in the capital of Serbia and nearby towns
Venezuela has decided to extend for a month the effect of high alert, which brought President Nicolas Maduro on March 13 in connection with the pandemic coronavirus
Food will start to go up in retail in the near future. Estimates of the retail companies Association (ACORT) prices for food will rise by 5-15% and on some items – 30-50%. The reason – the incident in March, a sharp collapse of the ruble. Apparently, such developments are prepared and the authorities. At the suggestion of deputies, the government began to develop a mechanism of cost control for food. Experts warn that the state should not interfere in pricing. Artificial control of the market will lead to a shortage of food. Therefore, domestic consumers will face restrictions on the purchase in one hand, and also come into close relationship with the dealers. There will be black markets, where the buckwheat bread and the garlic will be sold already absolutely for other money.

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