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Lev Leshchenko, when I was lying in the medical centre in Kommunarka, sang “Hope is my earthly compass”, launching a singing flash mob that goes, flew the same to the recipient – Hope. I mean – grandmother. This is a joke from the black humor that goes is now in Moscow, was very General concern. Lev Leschenko has literally boiling with anger into the phone: “What the son is a heresy that I had Babkina March 19, at a birthday party and could infect her? We with her for three months did not see!”.

Meanwhile, in other news, besides the already announced “serious but stable condition,” Ms. Babkina, hospitalized on April 1 and put into an artificial coma, has not yet been reported.

it is Unclear, of course, some henbane overeat Arkady, who himself after the unfortunate shooting at Malakhov 16 March Leshchenko in the program have closed on quarantine in his home country (“MK”, this was already reported).

But Lev Leshchenko was appointed mainly to blame for that “came and all was operatorial” Ksenia Sobchak, posting a controversial post about the celebration of the birthday of Alla Cool on March 13, where he was bidden and a woman who allegedly “brought the plague” from America, for which he received from Igor Krutoy, Alla’s brother, a tough rebuke – also from the pages of “MK”.

By today’s standards, when every passing day seems like an eternity, it’s, like, the things of the past. Leshchenko has already managed to recover in hospital and be discharged. All who from him was “infected”, too, would have had to occur. The actor says now:

Thank God, no one from my surroundings, including the musicians, who flew to America with me, friends that I saw, no one got sick. I got sick, maybe. Although the system tests yet so nesovershenno: positive analysis negative.

I still don’t know what it really is. Sure dwustronna pneumonia, but understanding the causes is not so clear. More tired any attacks, fabrications. These determine – where they went, why you went, who she met. Worried about each person faced in recent years.

fortunately, we in show business until the cases are rare. And how many people have to go to work! And I went, and Nadia (Babkina – “MK”). What is the isolation? Can afford and can not afford. And journalists work, and the TV crew sitting in their studios, and the people on proivodstvo, machinists metro, transport drivers, sellers at the counters of pharmacies and stores. And doctors, who are now at the forefront! And to think about those people who can’t abide Karantin have to continue exposing themselves to danger.

quarantine Mode for you and wife Irene is still in fact valid?

I’m very glad we jumped out (of the hospital – “MK”). The fourth day home, I hope that all goes, but still sick, not recovered, still some residual effects. At home, under medical supervision. Everything is still in a state of allertness. Not the fact that we end up cured.

by Itself, pneumonia is a serious disease. And I have the feeling that this is some kind of parallel to the pandemic, as many cases of this inflammation with negative tests for coronavirus. Features a leg break.

You assigned “the whipping boy”, almost the main culprit of coronaridine in show business. Not a very nice “honor”, I suppose…

Is the right kind of attack, and even the pandemic of hysteria on top of everything else began. Very unfortunate.

I rarely sit down to the Desk, don’t like epistolary work, but today, I looked out the window, green grass, sun, grace, uspokaivayut yourself: “get Out, everything will be fine”, and then – all this dissonance, eerie events. Just my wife and Ira left the hospital, and then, like an ax on the head, hospitalization Nadia Babkina.

And I was inspired by something I have written a small essay. Literally page. Sat down and in 15 minutes wrote – not for someone, but just for myself. Packed up their feelings. If you don’t mind, as we speak, I’ll read it, will be part of our interview.

moreover, what exactly the situation surrounding Nadia Babkina podtolknulo me to these thoughts. Because she’s my colleague, my friend, a wonderful artist, singer, favorite people, and have also not escaped this scourge. And, seemingly, insane pity and compassion must feel with all who are sick. And there is something quite the opposite. The situation makes me very touched. Some kind of Orgy turned on someone else’s grief. So I’ll smbwrite, because thoughts and feelings overwhelm. If you don’t mind, read the beginning…

– Ears hanging on the nail attention…

– to Read: “I Sat and Otopeni, looking out the window. Not possible to dismiss thoughts, to get rid of anxiety and irritation from all that is happening. Artificial quarantine drove us into a spiritual stupor.

What people?! We’re sick. But physical pain does not cause such a devastating condition which causes mental anguish. And only strong characters are able to suppress this burning feeling.

I always thought that my quiet, compliant nature, often call it kindness. And kindness, as you know, is worse than theft. But this sentence I do not accept, for softness, kindness and of course, the solidarity that is needed today, make people resistant, strong at this distraught time. We will overcome fear so.

And the rude attacks of those who have not risen above the pettiness and malice for the sake of pain and compassion, not only disgusting, they become a real pandemic. These people can’t understand that the disease will spare no one and they themselves can become a victim. But worst of physical ailmentsand the sickness eating away at the soul…”.

– Shiny text! What kind of attacks do you mean? In General, or something specific?

– Well, about me I have said. It – no attacks, and stupidity, rather. But incredibly angered me the situation around Nadi. I’m amazed that there are people who not only clickwrestle, create panic, but sow some kind of inhuman, brutal anger. Absolutely shocked me, this woman, municipal deputies (the Communist from Lefortovo Alexander Andreev, – approx. “MK”). I can’t even convey in words what she said about Nadia’s illness. I do not dare to reproduce it.

– She wanted Babkina “die” for “vote for laws that destroy our city” (quote). The lady, of course, tipped the scales a bit…

– What does “scale”! What is a bit?! Such people should be social outcasts! They should be in the forest with sticks to drive away from the people, sorry for this harshness, of course. Such as the time and ruin all around, dirtied our porches, write on the walls all sorts of nasty things, it’s just a gray biological mass, otherwise I can not name them.

Neanderthals not even throwing the elderly and sick people. Dragged them dozens, hundreds of kilometers from their settlements. The Neanderthals! And this is man, Homo sapiens, who can afford to openly Express such thoughts. Monstrous fear and anger cause I have such people, because they are capable of the most vile, despicable things.

Is a single, all-occasion, so for Nadia survive. Are you high?

– you Know, the virus also began in isolated cases, and now a pandemic around… it Is impossible not to notice. You must immediately sound the alarm, because the plague is dangerous.

But, fortunately, there are many examples of this empathy, participation, and the majority of them. Yeah, maybe sometimes it’s a flashy part, but it’s LouCSE and also important, it is the good nature of our old-school norms of communication that we have always lived.

I remember the post-war period, when she could pour me a bowl of soup, when I came from school, to warm me, to say a good word until it was our mom. The feeling that you are not alone and there are loving people is very important – not only for human being but for the well-being of the whole society. Even now, when I was in the hospital, as it was important to me, what did those text messages from friends and acquaintances.

Feeling that you are not alone, taken care of, helped, supported, and to some extent even facilitated completely heroic, selfless work of the wonderful doctors. Truly the world is not without good people – a unique delightful banality, which is especially felt in such moments of crisis. But the whole human abomination also POPs up in such moments – from the depths where they were covered with mud, yet all was quiet. I am grateful and thankful to all who were worried about me, but understand at the same time that someone wanted and in my case a tragic ending.

As someone in the media can open you a terrible secret: it’s not even a specific person or in relation thereto, and the laws of mass psychology – people love tragedy and drama more than Comedy or good news. When things are bad, it is all the more interesting. Also as old as the world…

– Well, Yes, that novel ended happily? And everyone was waiting for him to die. Recovered infection… Yes, all hypocritical, insincere, pompous.

hardened People. Don’t know why. Maybe state of fear. But fear can only be overcome together. There is a saying in the world, and death is not terrible… For me the most vivid experience, the experience and an incredible example of these weeks the head of Kommunarka where I lay, Denis Protsenko. This guy, like Gorky’s Danko, gave himself to the slaughter, he podhuAtil this virus sits in isolation in cabinete and controls the entire process, no longer thinking about whether he’d get well himself, and that he needs to do for people.

– Besides the fact that she’s a colleague on stage, Nadia, in far 70-e became the wife of the drummer of your band Vladimir Zasedateleva, who actually introduced you. Do you remember the bride?

– remember. Volodya was a beautiful tall guy, very talented, uninhibited, wonderful person in terms of personal qualities, of blessed memory. When he brought Nadia, I was just fascinated, gorgeous, such a natural Russian beauty. And in it, I always saw the real Russia, and without lubkowski.

She heyday of the Russian stage right colors, went from splint, what we always shy actually: these grey pants, black boots, a blouse, some dark. This is not Russia, Russia was always bright, cheerful, colorful, mosaic, solar, as Nadya herself. Otherwise, she absolutely lit the paint.

– the same battle was in his youth as now.

Absolutely. Always the ringleader, always sang in the car. We went to BAM, lived a month in the same car with Nadia, a whole carload of actors. Nadia lived with him, they had a separate compartment. Not only that, we worked on four or five shows a day, and in the evening her accordion bring, let’s sing.

Cooked dinners together, went to stops to buy cucumbers, tomatoes and some other. Warming up, running around the cars in the morning, if you stood on any station. And then our lives were always close, together all the time.

– You called her, texted when he became aware of her hospitalization?

she switched off the phone now. But she’s a good, strong person and I pray to God that she was fine. When she gets out of this state, I will jump even higher than when the doctors brought me my own third analysis with a negative result. Raise the first time.about two fingers in the sign “Victoria” (“victory”), and all the limbs.

as soon As you make contact, want to call her and say the kindest words. And all I want to say: guys, don’t despair. I am 78 years old, I gathered all my strength, I overcame – so we must accept even the most difficult challenges.. And my essay I finish these lines: “This virus is already lodged in the registry of nasty things on Earth, he will have to live with us. But most importantly, the virus nitroglycerine, of callousness, fear, hostility are not settled in our soul and our heart.”

– I’m Sure Nadia will be glad you called, and you with Irina – a speedy and full recovery!

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