The controversial song

On the cover – sheet from a school notebook in a cell for a ballpoint pen and sloppy handwriting was written the name of the team and works with the remark “demo”. To read the full text of the poem music, brought together for a couple of days half a million views.

Not only a musician but a poet and a philosopher at heart Alexander Vassiliev, a very subtle and sensitive feelings, were caught, as usual in most of his nerve. “I have nothing to fear, my grandfather shot by the Bolsheviks” – calmly, with a sad smile, said Sasha in one of our interviews. In his case it’s not posturing, and not bravado. In both parts of the famous album of the diptych “Resonance”, released in 2014, he’s tough, uncompromising (though very literary and artistic and musical expression) described what is happening in the country, not afraid to Express my opinion and point of view different from that imposed by the “mainstream” stereotypes and cliches. About that time, protest and socially charged topic of the day theme ceased to be an exclusive feature of Russian rock of the 80s and moved to the present, with each year becoming more and more popular and big trend in the progressive music community.

Today, artists with a “quiet not” quite a lot. And it’s not only members of the old rock guard (as Andrey Makarevich and his “time Machine”) and the group that rose to zero (as the most popular stadium-punk-rock band Lumen), but also front man a very young alternative scene – the same Shortparis, released last autumn, biting, provocative album, “So the steel was tempered”.

Vasilyev However, even in this constellation is distinguished by the life of a hermit. Musician consciously not to appear on television or radio in the guest nor in the fashion show of bloggers, but in front of the stage gathers thousands of people and solo concerts, and festivals, and most importantly – can WBrosit in the information space of one song which cause strong reaction, as it happened with “letter to Harry Potter” – let’s call it so.

Only five chords, simple melody in a minor key, but seasoned expressive text, and together they cause an explosive chemical reaction, moving the song into hit status – at least loosely from the Internet, because it is not necessary to have seven spans in a forehead to understand: there is no “essential history” in rotation official music media is not expected.

Appeal to a magic character, a noble fighter with the embodiment of universal evil Voldemort, in itself metaphorical and emotional – the degree of desperation has reached such a level that, except for the hero of the tale to turn to for advice and help, not to anyone. In a letter to the lyrical hero tells of the hardships of life “with these remote swamps”, where “Muggles quite ohreneli”. Drawn pictures of extinct spaces and empty stands, “where fans will not lift the boil”. Just a few lines the poet and the musician creates images that are difficult to throw out of memory. A thinly veiled allegorical clearly depicts all the obvious events and milestones “Chronicles of the day.” Appeal for Harry Potter is not only a cry of despair, but a statement quite ironic, though hopeless drama hopes for a miracle, that to fix and save all can only be a wizard – no other options.

the history of the punches or to bitter weeping, either for Homeric laughter, and it was confirmed listeners in hundreds of comments spread across all the social networks, which were lined with track. User under the name Alexander Unimportant wrote: “a masterpiece, but the problem is that this masterpiece will be 500-700 thousand hits, and Buzova a few million. For that us all this, Harry?”. Many noted that “spleen” has moved to a new level, remember even a phrase of Vladimir Vysotsky – “these violent few, and that’s no leaders”. “We are already on the scaffold, – said Paul – we are separated, we hate each other.” “How many years have passed, and output everything there,” – playing with the name of the old hit “the spleen,” added Julia.

there were those who remembered his Vasilyev own “games with Muggles”, for example, Evgeny kotelevsky, “Dear Sasha, I just had less speak at all “Kebab–live”. Your Harry Potter”. Optimists had hoped that maybe, “someday this song will be the soundtrack to a cool movie with a happy ending about the history of our country”; the melancholic cry – “how can I Express all the suffering, the grief of the country”; some began to regret, “Alexander Georgievich plunge into the political mud.”

However, the song caused heated discussions. About the real influence of the artist can say when he has followers. Vasiliev, without knowing it and it is unlikely planning, inspired creativity to the world. Among the thousands of comments began to appear answers in the form of poems. The user efim_norgest continues the mockingjay: “Harry Potter, what all of these twists?! – I do not know, comrade! Sorry! But I do not blame! – Who is to blame? Excuse me?! – Vasilev or Jews! Maybe the Jesuits!..”

Victor Cohow decided to repeat the shape of the song and remembered lines from other evergreens “of the spleen”, calling his essay “Give that to Alexander Vasiliev, if suddenly will meet him (the verse)”: you Know, and the song I was hooked. Its simplicity and his power. Vasilyev poet of the highest skill. Never ceases to amaze… For stitching these thank Sasha. For corners that did not draw smoother. For words that do not buy on sale. Ogrosystem you respect…”

Vasil “Letter to Harry Potter” hooked and the leader of the “Time Machine” Andrei Makarevich, no less the master of “Chronicles of current events”, for which he suffered and was beaten several times. Rock guru, impressed by wierschem colleagues very elegantly on the mountain gave symmetrical “Response to Harry Potter Sasha Vasilyev”. The answer was very disappointing. In hommad songs artist of the melancholy reports that “in this kind of chat room they ran into Harry” and the guitar sang to him the song “spleen”, telling about our troubles. However, despite all the bright expectations and hopes, the wizard refused to go to rescue the afflicted from the swamps – say, their own problems, Brickset, the coronavirus, and the tales he does not believe, and he is not the same. Wished me luck and was gone: “your shit sort it out themselves – whether it be Muggles or Voldemort”.

In the final Makarevich preachy concludes: “I am afraid that no one will help us unless we help ourselves”, – landed in the “swamp” of the poet Vasiliev with his romantic, albeit hopelessly sad dream about the magician. But “help you?” – this question Andrey Vadimovich did not answer… Debate is in full swing.

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