Ban the capital of car-sharing could hit the food delivery volunteers

— to be Honest, we don’t understand what to do, — has shared with “MK” in a large firm that has been providing car-sharing In their Park — more than 12 thousand cars. — For us it is news, as for other Muscovites, including our customers. Learned Friday night from the media, nobody warned.

Will you take out cars from the streets?

I haven’t decided Yet, but probably unlikely. Stand and stand myself… Though, of course, it is not clear what if there is an accident or the car is stolen? Who will be responsible? We have another problem. We have joined all-Russian action “We are together”, in which was supposed to end the isolation volunteers will deliver on our machines products and drugs to citizens of the risk. For the needs of volunteers we have allocated 100 cars. And took care of all the expenses for their maintenance, including cleaning, disinfection, refueling and Parking. Now, it is unclear whether we Monday to give the kids their own machine, in fact it is impossible, for this we as a juridical person, face heavy fines. So, we need to refuse to participate in the action?

the Official reason for the ban car-share — the inability to provide absolute protection against coronavirus.

— According to this logic we need to ban taxis. There, in addition to possible unsanitary conditions, and even the driver present. And that is certainly unknown, he is sick or healthy.

another carsharing company confirmed that the news of the ban on their activities, they also learned of the news. “We communicate with the authorities, but they do not offer us support, says co-owner carsharing company Catherine. — We have to pay employees wages, taxes. But the biggest costs we have for lease. But leasing a vacation we do not provide. One week of inactivity is hard. Two weeks — very hard. Anything more is a disaster.”

the Interviewee told that the company lots the contractbusiness firms engaged in the delivery of food and products. And a large part of contracts was concluded at a time when the city is in isolation. “The food delivery people don’t want to take a taxi, they are much more satisfied with our services. Now it is not clear how we should be with these people. Contracts were signed for the long term”.

the Cars leave on the street — move it someplace for safekeeping several thousand machines is not possible. But from Monday they will block and make “invisible” on the Internet. To use them would be impossible.

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