Another victim of vandals is the monument to Frederick Douglas. The paradox is that this is the character of the XIX century was one of the most consistent members of the abolitionist – the previous Civil war in the United States the movement for the emancipation of blacks. And it escaped from slavery an outstanding speaker and writer Douglas launched an implacable anti-slavery campaign, and also participated in the formation of the first black regiments who fought with the confederates.

However, this historical fact does not help established in his honor a statue in the city of Rochester (new York). It on Sunday was plucked from the pedestal and subsequently found by police on the banks of the nearest river. Surprisingly, the vandals did not bother that in this Douglas in 1852, said one of the most famous of his speeches against the oppression of blacks.

And if the demolition of the monuments of American slaveholders and confederates still possible though as-that to explain anti-racist slogans of the movement “Black life is important”, we can say that the dismantling of the monument to the first U.S. President George Washington, the liberator of the slaves Lincoln and the wrestler with the ku Klux clan Grant generally does not fit into the logic of the struggle for equality.

According to Wikipedia, throughout the United States voluntarily demolished or removed by local authorities is already more than a hundred monuments. Among them, more than a hundred monuments to the Civil war, dozens of “oppressors of the indigenous population of America” and almost thirty to Christopher Columbus – Explorer, according to fighters with statues, a deadly fault that discovered America and made the depression possible. About where now were those who gladly crushes stone and bronze to Colombia, they do not even realize. And the U.S. Department of justice is still only reported about the arrest of four Americans who tried in late June to “fill up” a statue of former President Andrew Jackson, which is located directly in front of the White house. Other participants of this attempt of demolition still in hiding, and revealing the criminal process things take time.

the Fourth of July, speaking on the eve of US independence Day at the famous mount Rushmore, the eponymous memorial to four American ex-presidents trump claimed the supporters of the “new left fascism is extremely” want to destroy the history of the country and “overthrow of the American revolution.” To do this the President promised not to allow. According to the latest decree trump, within 60 days of specially created under the leadership of Minister of internal Affairs the working group will invite the head of the White house location to create a new National garden of American heroes. The location for the Park will be selected “in a beautifully�� place in nature, to allow visitors to enjoy”. And the garden with the monuments to the “great Americans” should be opened until July 4, 2026, when the United States will celebrate the 250-th anniversary of independence.

the Ghanaian Authorities urged black Americans to return to their historical homeland. “Create life in Ghana. You don’t need to be in the place where you infinitely for nobody”, – told reporters the Minister of tourism, African countries Barbara Dr. Oteng and invited all US citizens who are moving to the Black continent, the support of local authorities. According to media reports, currently lives in Ghana, about 3 thousand immigrants from the United States.