The passive reaction of Sweden to the pandemic coronavirus is largely due to the lack of Stockholm full of experience of participation in the Second world war, writes Dagens Nyheter, citing the words of the former Swedish Ministers Carl Bildt and Bjorn von Sydow.

“With this situation we’ve never faced in the modern era. If we had the same experience as neighbors, we probably would have taken the same decision as they. They have more experience of the Second world war,” said von Sydow publication, reports RT.

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He also recalled the low level of training of Finland before the Winter war with the Soviet Union, which started on 30 November 1939. The same can be say about Denmark and Norway, where the German invasion of 9 April 1940, caught by surprise, the author writes.

“Perhaps the political leadership in Norway, Denmark and Finland said, “do Not let that happen again”. Political leadership should not take inadequate measures and behave passively. This led to the fact that they were moving forward according to his hard-line,” added von Sydow.

Bildt noted that it is concerned that the Nordic cooperation “Ekes out his miserable existence” when he was Prime Minister, the Nordic countries consulted with each other.

“In the past we, like the Nordic countries, there were fewer crises and experience of dealing with them. It seems to us that the problem is worldwide, but not in Sweden,” – said Bildt.

Politicians say that during the cold war Sweden could boast of a comprehensive system of total defence, fuel, food, medicines, the country had 7 million masks and respirators for adults, children and infants.

Earlier, the German Die Welt wrote that European countries look with envy at Sweden in a situation of pandemic coronavirus, but the “Swedish Paradise” is a myth.

Recall that in Sweden was not introduced strict quarantine, despite the massive spread of the coronavirus.

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