doctor who at the time was developed for the Swedish strategy for the prevention of swine flu, has publicly stated that such a high level of mortality from COVID-19, which shows Scandinavian Kingdom, could have been avoided. However, he still considers excessive the total bans in all spheres of public life, which has adopted most of the EU countries and the world. According to him, Stockholm had to stop at a certain “intermediate” scenario between the minimum restrictions that eventually chose Sweden, where he worked most of the shops, restaurants, beauty salons, not closed schools and kindergartens, and strict quarantine.

According to official data at the end of may, which leads to Euronews, the 10 million Sweden, there were 36 476 cases COVID-19. With more than 4,000 patients died – this data was presented personally by the Prime Minister Stefan löfven. For comparison: in Iceland, the coronavirus has claimed the lives of 10 people in Denmark – 562. With 75 percent of the victims of the “crown” in Sweden is made up of the elderly inhabitants of nursing homes. Experts provide not only absolute, but relative mortality rates in the Nordic countries. As noted by Frankfurter Rundschau, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland per million inhabitants from COVID-died 19 98, 56, 43 and 29, respectively. In Sweden, citizens have 430 million people died from the coronavirus.