In Central Beirut, the special forces opened fire to disperse the protesters. As a result of collisions have suffered more than a hundred people, RIA Novosti reported.

Today, protesters broke into the building of the foreign Ministry of Lebanon, located in the district of Ashrafieh, and raised posters with the words “Beirut — demilitarized city” and “Capital of the revolution”. After that, the building was blocked by soldiers of the Lebanese army. Witnesses say they hear the incessant shooting.

In Beirut, a restless Saturday morning. Thousands of people took to the streets, demanding the resignation of the government. Police used tear gas and truncheons against the activists who tried using concrete barriers to break through to the parliamentary Palace on the place de l’etoile. The authorities have deployed the army.

In Beirut, a state of emergency

Organizers say the authorities are responsible for the economic and political problems in the country, as well as for the explosion, which occurred August 4 at the port of Beirut.

This disaster claimed the lives of over 150 people, about 6 thousand wounded.

Russian-speaking resident of Beirut Catherine told Business FM that after the explosion, authorities have fallen into a strange stupor and cannot cope with the situation.

“the authorities mess, and I don’t even know what to call it. People have waited how many days had passed, three days, all waited, all hoping that something will start to do. But the only thing that the young people themselves concerned residents from across Lebanon gather in Beirut with brooms, shovels to clear the streets… a lot of People that can help, but the government is no help absolutely,” she said.

Experts say the dramatic events in Lebanon have become a trigger to ensure that the protests have spilled out. However, many wonder why vlastina can take control of the situation as the humanitarian assistance they were offered the whole world – in the country, rescuers and doctors from France, Italy. Russia. Turkey has offered to rebuild the port again, the support is ready to assist Israel and the United States.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that there was a video of protests because of the explosion in Beirut.