Heavy duty shock-reconnaissance drones “Hunter” can help to overcome the design flaws of the su-57, writes The Drive.

the Newspaper reminds that these drones can act as slave fighters, and the Ministry of defence is interested to make “Hunters” into service as quickly as possible.

The Drive doubt in the stealth-characteristics of the drone. “It may also happen that the Hunter will require further improvements before becoming really efficient platform,” the newspaper writes.

In July, the Bulgarian Military wrote that “Hunter” probably committed a series of strikes on Syrian militants, warehouses with fuel and oil transport tanks intended for dispatch to Turkey.

In August, the head of the United aircraft Corporation Yury Slyusar said the Russian defense Ministry will start to receive serial heavy shock-reconnaissance and stealth drones “Hunter” with 2024.

In August 2019 The Drive drew attention to the fact that presented at the International aviation and space salon 2019 model “Hunter” is different from passing the test of flight model is the presence of flat nozzle.