Scientists from Singapore University of technology and design recanted his predictions about the timing of the completion of the pandemic coronavirus infection.

They reported that their predictions are no longer relevant due to the fact, in different countries the situation is changing very quickly. Specialists removed all the graphics from the website and proposed to apply to models of other researchers.

Scientists used the SIR model. This is a mathematical model of the spread of infection, which describes the dynamics of the susceptible, infected and recovered. So, until may 6, experts assumed that the epidemic in Russia should end on 17 August, then the date was extended to August 24, after the 8 September.

The authors of the studies warned that any predictions should be treated with caution and not to show “excessive optimism”.

— Previous forecasts are no longer valid, because the development options of the situation in the real world are changing rapidly — sends a message to RIA Novosti.

In addition, the researchers said that attempts to establish the exact timing of the end of the pandemic can be misleading.