Margarita Simonyan compared the health of Russia and the USA. As an example, the chief editor MIA “Russia today” and RT has considered approaches to the treatment of coronavirus infection. According to her, in the United States in times less doctors per capita and hospital beds and an ambulance, the locals don’t call, because I can’t afford it.

“the Americans to stay indoors, professionals turn to in a pinch. We have a different position. We say: “Go to the doctors, immediately call an ambulance”, – with reference to TV channel “Russia-1”, RIA Novosti reported.

According to statistics, 60% dying from coronavirus in the United States – blacks, because they belong to the poorest segment of the population. In America, according to Simonyan, the best medicine for rich people, but about of the mass do not.

“the Russian medicine designed for the entire population. Yes, there are problems, but we have to turn to for help. Bedspace 30% free. It is time to realize that we are not only no worse, and in many aspects better than there,” – said Margarita Simonyan.

From may 15 Moscow launches a new study of population immunity to COVID-19. The program is massive and free for participants. Thousands of residents of the capital sent out invitations to donate blood from a vein in enzyme immunoassay, in one of the 30 city clinics. At the same time scientists are working to develop vaccines against COVID-19.

the First outbreak of the new virus were reported in Central China in late December 2019, and already on March 11, the who declared pandemic situation. According to recent reports, the world from a new disease affecting over four million people.