currently the State Duma is considered another amendment to the Federal law “On education in Russian Federation”, requiring teachers to present at the place of work certificate from the mental hospital not once in five years, as it was before, and every two years.

Apparently, this initiative should be considered as an indirect recognition of the complexity of pedagogical work. Deputies believe the incredible result of two years of stress in teachers can occur mental changes, or, simply, “go crazy.”

But in fairness it should be noted that the loss of capacity due to mental disorders is observed today among officials.

Judge for yourself. One of the regional Ministers of education issued an order directing the teachers to return to the Treasury part of the payments received during a time when they worked in zoom during a pandemic. They in this period, you see, were not classroom hours. Amount paid to associate professors and professors are striking in their magnitude. This is as much as 16 thousand rubles!

the Astonished rector of the University asked the regional Minister to disavow the order, since it does not meet the guidelines and prevailing in the country during the quarantine practice. On that without batting an eye, the Minister replied that he was not responsible for this order, for it complies with the financial authorities. But there is his signature. Not be held responsible for the signed document is not the loss of capacity? Or, perhaps, this area lives by its own laws. You think he the only one? Wrong.

signs of bureaucratic inadequacy is widespread. A terrible heat struck this year the Volga region and other regions of the country. Children from rural schools taking on the points, the exam in school buses. The speed of their movement is limited for safety reasons. Delivery time of teenagers to their destination in one to two hours. All the way graduates are sitting shoulder to shoulder, which greatly increases the risk COVID-19.

But on the points of taking them, as expected, lined up at a safe distance, required to wear masks and gloves, and then breed classes. To climb neither light nor dawn, shaking for two hours at our specific road and then go through the required quarantine measures. Is it any wonder frequent fainting graduates? Fortunately, at each point on duty nurse. The smelling salts and fan — tested our old-fashioned ways to bring to life.

before you know it, start a new school year. God knows how it will be. Ready-made prescription for security purposes to reduce the number of children in the classroom and to introduce flexible AC��n, in order to minimize contacts of students in the hallways. A reasonable question arises. Where do we find so many additional teachers? In what areas could have additional classes? As will be remuneration of teachers, because until now, it depended on the number of children in the class? To all these questions is another regional Minister strictly said of Directors: “Instructions from higher authorities not discussed and implemented”. Whether such officer is quite adequate?

Some confusion in teachers ‘ networks caused the news that with the new school year to those teachers who are over sixty, refuses to live the right to come to school and forced to work exclusively in remote mode. But in many educational institutions dominated by this age group of teachers.

sadly to say this, but one gets the impression that many of our legislators do work at long range, breaking away from real life. But their place of safe custody — psychiatric hospital. N. And.Alekseeva, more popularly known as Kanatchikov dacha, sung by V. S. Vysotsky.

Judge for yourself. Currently haste in the first reading the Federal law “On amendments to the Federal law “On education in the Russian Federation” on education of students”. The aim of the new bill — the definition of the system of organization of educational work in the field of education. The government intends to invade this delicate sensitive area and with an iron hand to restore order there. Meanwhile, Karl Marx, is gaining popularity in the Wake of the increasing worldwide thirst for social justice, “Critique of the Gotha program” argued that: “it Should, on the contrary, to dismiss the government in equal measure and the Church of any influence on the school.” He was firmly convinced that no state can be a teacher of the people. But the current “effective managers” don’t bother to read the classics. For a serious reader it is necessary to know the language, but they have their own argot, called “office” (clerical-bureaucratic style of speech).

Through these state momentum is hard to break, but necessary. Open the explanatory note to the law.

“the Education of students mastering the basic educational programs should be based on to be included in the appropriate educational program the work program is to educate and approximate calendar plan of educational work.

the schedule of educational work developed by the educational organization, will contain a specific list of events and activities that are held and organized educational organization and (or) in which educational institution involved in accordance with the main directions and themes of educational work, selected forms, means and methods of education in the academic year or period of study”. Quoting selectively, for reading this sick. In addition, schools are encouraged to develop performance indicators of educational work and to give your expected results personal education of each student, which the school will be accountable. In other words, schools have to invent their own noose, which the higher authorities have thrown her on the neck and will tighten. For example, it is necessary to predict how much John DOE will increase honor, multiplied by the conscience and will arrive of patriotism.

the question Arises: if adequate legislators, offering teachers this method of professional self-destruction? No, what you want, if teachers do decide to check back regularly for mental and intellectual value, then exactly the same measures should be taken against state officials.

However, the definition of sanity or that of the subject of management is the competence of the specialists. I hope that this constructive proposal will not be perceived as insults is incredibly sprawling social stratum of government officials. Meanwhile, 4 million teachers in the country are already preparing to line up in columns of four and marched to the mental hospital. They, of course, offended, but as we know from sayings on offended water carry. What happens before our eyes.