How they laughed at Zelensky, our great advocates, leading the talk show! As mocked him, interjected. “Fool! Fool! Boy! Comedian!” is Vladimir Soloviev and his comrades the President of a neighboring country with love.

And no matter what to push you around, it would be a reason. However, and does not need a reason. What would Zelensky did, no matter what, he still always will remain an object of ridicule. Here Poroshenko just hated on Zelensky laugh.

But the reason happened — a terrorist attack in the city of Lutsk. Incomprehensible psycho-raisers seized a bus with children women, pregnant tied up with grenades, began firing. Crazy, and not treated. Called Zelensky on the relationship, stated their demands. Here they are: to say publicly one single phrase: “Film “Earthlings” 2005 view all”. Zelensky received the assignment. The job is done, said.

And then, of course, we picked it up to laugh: “Well, a fool, a nonentity, how humiliated!” The fact that he saved people, no one cares. We say: “the President-the clown performed a moronic requirement clown terrorist. And now other terrorists, the road is open”. This is serious, here is the answer.

Recently, YouTube has released a new film by Alexey Pivovarov and his edition, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the tragedy in Budennovsk. Yeltsin then was out of the country, he went to the summit and never returned. On the farm left Viktor Chernomyrdin, the Prime Minister.

Basayev entered Budennovsk almost on a white horse, easily passing through all the checkpoints. They, the terrorists, scum, fighters for their freedom and the freedom of Chechnya, came out of a closed truck and immediately began to shoot. Then all herded to the square, under the escort was taken to a local hospital, to the hospital. On the road again killed — People — patients, parturient women sat there, huddled close to each other throughout the hospital, and the terrorists make a demand: withdraw the troops from Chechnya. Then again, they already there in the hospital, began to shoot men. And Chernomyrdin came in contact with Basayev, called him. So he stopped the attack, so saved the remaining people. Hence his terrible famous meme: “Shamil Basayev, speak louder”.

But it was the only time in Russian history when a senior Russian official came in contact with the devil, a bandit. More power to this already not allowed. After there was Beslan, the “Nord-OST” and our security forces acted most rigidly, absolutely regardless of losses. This came to life.

After Chernomyrdin blamed on the fact that showed softness. Because good terrorist is a dead terrorist. And here it is, a fork in the road: what to do in such tough situations when life is at stake people… or the fate of the country. According to today’s ideologues, the tears of a child by Fyodor Dostoevsky, are not held. Here we have to think �� large, about the high, no matter what.

it is Difficult to compare the terrorist attack that happened in Lutsk. Here are our propagandists say that they are all a toy, not real. More the fact that Zelensky with his “Quarter 95” and it all came up and played. “What country — such attacks”, said our Solovyov-Kiselev.

Zelensky just showed humanity, and that’s all. This is the only thing he can give to the Ukrainian politics, and nothing more. An intelligent boy from a good Jewish family, the talented comedian-actor. He’s just a man. Yes, he knows what is PR, and his new year’s greetings to the Ukrainian people looked just brilliant. When he and his government bowed his head, met the plane with dead Ukrainians shot down the Iranian air force, and stood like that for several hours — this was before the lump in my throat. And now he says something stupid to the whole country, the whole world just to save people.

Nothing else Zelensky, unfortunately, to present Ukraine can’t. He was a weak President, adrift, afraid to chase the wave, to offend those who should not be hurt, scared. He’s not a master — slave, only to see out the four years just wouldn’t fall.

He was a weak President and a good man. That says it all.

Russia, you gone crazy!

Great movie on the channel “Culture” in the memory of Yury Karjakin. It would now be 90 years old.

For those who don’t know: it was one of the best Russian literary critics working in Dostoevsky. We were reading them: by Rassadnym, Ivanova, Latynina, Sarakinos… Yes, and Karjakin. In the restructuring, he even became a politician.

Look at and remember… The first Congress of people’s deputies and its there brilliant performance. “Letter 42”, “Crush the vermin”, which he signed. There in the autumn of ‘ 93, our progressive intellectuals were required to post this red White house in tatters and almost to destroy the “gang Rutskoi–Khasbulatov”.

the Gang defeated, the tanks fired at the White house. Staged election in which the triumphant victory of the liberal democratic party. On TV, ORT, the first channel is a show, dance party, a direct political broadcast. Most famous for “the Musical ring” Tamara Maksimova solemnly walked with a microphone in his hands by the Studio, interviewing VIPs. I should get a triumph of the winners. Like the best…

When it became known that won Zhirinovsky’s party, Maksimova came to Karjakin. And there and then he said the most famous phrase of the ‘ 90s: “Russia, you gone crazy!” In this live ended, the lights went out.

as the years Passed, but the slogan Karjakin was very much alive. It can stick to every day of our present life. The liberal democratic party still ruled, however, in one particular Khabarovsk Krai. Where today the government and the people exchanged��s famous karyakinskaya phrases.

That is, talked. Two worlds two Shapiro. Two of Russia, among which have nothing in common. And Dostoevsky, the tears of a child, beauty will save the world… That is certainly not about us.