September 2 offers 77 th Venice film festival. In its competition program includes a two hour painting by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Dear comrades!” about the events in Novocherkassk in 1962, when dispersed a demonstration of workers, and as a result 26 persons were killed, 87 were wounded. Many decades about “Novocherkassk massacre” was not known.

In 2012 came the series “Once in Rostov” Konstantin Khudyakov, affecting this subject, which had a great audience response. And now Andrei Konchalovsky wrote the script and made a film about how in Novocherkassk, the strike begins on the city-forming enterprise, and people want lower food prices, higher wages. They are joined by workers from other factories. A government Commission gives the command to enter into the city the army.

the Main role of the workers party Lyudmila — played by Konchalovsky’s wife, actress Yuliya Vysotskaya, who was born in Novocherkassk. Her character is responsible for ideological work, live comfortably, receiving food rations in special branch, she was amazed at the actions of the strikers. But when people stream lost her daughter, the world will turn. Julia does not hide emotions: “the Degree of joy I felt when I heard about the invitation to the Venice film festival, it is difficult to convey in words. The fact that the picture was pleasant to people that select movie to this festival, so important, so significant for me, says that we have done some serious work. She appreciated the fact that we chose. The festival was the film “House of fools”, was a film “Paradise”, both works were awarded by the jury, so the memories I have are beautiful, not to mention the fact that Venice itself is just magic. In General, heart flutters!”

in Addition to Julia Vysotskaya the film starred: Vladislav Komarov, Andrey Gusev, Sergey Erlich, Yulia Burova.

he participated with his films at the Venice film festival and has received there prizes. Only in recent years his works “White nights postman Alexei Trapezina” and “Paradise” is marked “Silver lion” for direction. But the “Sin” of Michelangelo was shown in 2019 at the Rome festival, because, according to one version, he was rejected by the Venice selectors. Andrei Konchalovsky commented on their participation in the current festival: “Film “Dear comrades!”, I just finished, will participate in the competition program of the Venice international film festival! When my producer was planning a picture, we had doubts — whether to show today’s audience the tragic events that occurred nearly sixty years ago? But by making the film we realized that it is absolutely necessary, because the younger generation should know p��osloe of his country.” The Director also appealed to the audience: “If the film has no audience — he’s dead. Help him, let him live. Come to watch it”.

But first he will see and appreciate the jury of the main competition at the Venice film festival under the guidance of American actress cate Blanchett. It will also include: one of the major Directors of modern Germany Christian Petzold, the representative of the Romanian new wave Christi Puiu, who directed the outstanding painting “the Death of Mr. Lazarescu”, an Austrian film Director and screenwriter Veronika Franz, written together with Ulrich Seidl’s scripts to his famous trilogy “Paradise”, “Love”, “Faith”, “Hope”, the Italian writer Nicola Lagoya, British Director Joanna Hogg, best known for the film “Souvenir”. The composition is interesting, and the decisions of such a creative team can be very unpredictable and radical.