the Russian doctors render assistance to the Lebanese doctors in the treatment of victims of the explosion in Beirut. About the specifics of their work-said the Director of the research Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology surgeon Valery Mitish.

In particular, he told RT that thanks to the prompt assistance of Rossotrudnichestvo, the Russian doctors were able to fly to Lebanon almost immediately after the tragedy. They already assist victims in five hospitals of Beirut. Three of the wounded pending operations, to operate them will be doctors from Russia.

According to Mitisha, most hospitalized relatively superficial wounds from broken glass, but there are those, who they are deep. The fact that the external wall of many buildings of Beirut – solid glass, and therefore such wounds.

other victims – injuries heavy objects: brain, fractures of the facial bones of the skull that require delicate neurosurgical intervention. Three people with such wounds will operate members of the Russian crew, which consists of different specialists: adult and pediatric surgeons, specialists in treatment of large wounds, extensive injuries, severe open fractures, two traumatologists knows all modern methods of osteosynthesis.

Also it includes anaesthetists working in intensive care and neurosurgery. To treat Lebanese children will be the doctors “paediatric brigade Roshal”, who worked in many pockets of natural, technogenic catastrophes and military conflicts.

Aggravating the condition to the doctors pandemic. In Lebanon, high temperature and humidity, so, according to Valery Mitish, you need to wear restrictive devices, which makes breathing difficult.

However, he assured, the doctors will have affected the maximum high-quality assistance, as it did in many other countries.