Head of space office, UK Vice-Marshal Harvey Smith (Harvey Smyth) has publicly accused Russia of launching rockets into outer space, which “has characteristics of weapons.” About it writes edition The Telegraph, the translation of the article which made the “new York times”.

According to the publication, such a statement Smith made after the United States found evidence of the conduct of Russia July 15 test involving two satellites were in orbit.

The United States insists that the behavior of the Russian satellites is not consistent with the stated objectives and functions, and testing of weapons “poses a threat to space means the US and its allies.”

The source in the RAF said that it is unknown how successful was the test, but it “was a clear demonstration that the Russians want to attack the satellites of other countries.”

“It goes against the rules of behavior in space; you cannot place weapons, able to remove from orbit and other spacecraft,” said he.

“Rambler” wrote that earlier the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov said, still Moscow’s attempts to convince Washington to work together on the issue of prevention of an arms race in outer space were not successful. In the example Antonov cited the lack of support from the USA and some countries of Europe of the Treaty, jointly developed by Russia and China.