the Russian Embassy in Washington responded to the sponsorship of the U.S. project of “Soviet tyranny” and accuses the American side of distorting facts about the Second world war. A statement published on the website of the Russian Embassy in Facebook.

the Russian Embassy urged the us side to abandon programs aimed at distortion of historical facts about the decisive contribution of the USSR to the victory over Nazism and ending the Holocaust.

the Embassy indicated that the U.S. Embassy in Budapest began to select projects and programs, with a common theme — “Remembering the Second world war and its consequences — long walk to freedom”.

the American side, in turn, demanded that in the framework of the authors of the projects focused on stories that described the “cruelty and perfidy in the midst of the Holocaust and the Second world war, and the tyranny of the Soviet Union.”

So, the US plans to allocate about 25 thousand dollars for projects: money can be spent on the creation of short films, conferences and discussions. To engage in projects and Hungarians, and Americans, but the Embassy still offers Hungary to rigacity several experts from the United States, because they “will help to understand the Western democratic principles”.

the paper argues that programs must also recall the contributions of the transatlantic community in the victory over fascism. To participate want to invite the people of Hungary, born after 1985.