Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrey Kelin said the statement of London that Moscow allegedly tried to steal data on the vaccine for coronavirus and intervene in elections.

About wrongly attributed to Moscow the attempted abduction data, Kaelin said, “I don’t believe this story. It doesn’t make sense”. He explained that the company AstraZeneca, which manufactures vaccines, has signed a contract with the Russian “R-Pharm”.

He also stressed that Russia is “not involved whatsoever interference” and even “sees the point” – Moscow “will try to establish relations” with London, “regardless of” who “will lead” the UK, reports TASS with reference to Bi-bi-si.

Kelin noted that the system of voting on amendments to the Constitution of Russia were attacked by hackers from the UK, but Moscow is not trying to blame it on the British authorities.

He believes that today “it is impossible to ascribe a hacker attack any country.”

Commenting on the incident in Salisbury, Kaelin found it strange that “a spy story must disrupt an important business relationship,” which “would be very useful for the UK”, given that it came from the EU. Moscow “is ready to turn the page” and to strengthen ties with the United Kingdom.