Romania in the draft national defence strategy does not claim that Russia is a “state enemy.” This was stated by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Romania Bogdan Aurescu, reports “Izvestia”.

According to the Minister, the new strategy continues the previous one and there is nothing unusual in the behavior of Russia in the region.

He emphasized that the formulation given in the draft strategy, is a “common decision of the allies to note that Russia’s actions in the region pose risks”.

The Minister noted that Romania is not seeking to provoke anyone, but would like to raise issues that are legitimate sources of concern.

Romania declared Russia an enemy

Earlier, I wrote “the Rambler”, in the Romanian Parliament received a draft national defence Strategy in the years 2020-2024. It recognizes Russia as a hostile state. It is noted aggressive behavior of the Russian Federation and hybrid actions for the militarization of the black sea region. The Russian foreign Ministry called the document given the position of the plagiarism, indicating the absence of the Romanian politicians of independent thinking.