Nineteen law enforcement officers were injured during the riots that broke out on Tuesday in Paris, more than 30 people were arrested, according to police Prefecture on Tuesday.

As reported the correspondent of RIA Novosti, during a peaceful protest of workers in Paris erupted in riots, which continued at first on the streets adjacent to the Esplanade des Invalides, and then at the square. The clashes lasted about two hours. They made a radical young men in black clothes, they threw stones and bottles at police, overturned a car, tried to break the Windows of the bus, set fire to the plastic barriers and the contents of the urns. Law enforcement agencies repeatedly sprayed with tear gas.

"again Today the police, gendarmes and firefighters worked calmly and professionally, in that time, they were the victims of incredible violence. Among them, 19 were wounded ", – stated in the Prefecture.

In the video, which was posted on social networks, is seen as one of the officers falls to the ground and pounce on it about a dozen people, striking with their feet.

Police Prefecture reported that the number of detainees during the riots has risen to 32 according to 18.30 (19.30 GMT). Earlier it was reported about 24 detainees.