In an unusual shop to find the infamous fur hat with cockades, red flags, old uniforms with epaulets and propaganda posters with the leaders. Here there is a different atmosphere of beauty and kindness.

Japanese Takuya Takahashi, by the way, a chemist by training, opened a trading point more than twenty years ago in the place where once was located the office of his grandmother. According to the man, for his clients he picks up things which can be characterised by nice Japanese word “rawaii,” that is cute and adorable.

once everything started with collectibles. My companion at the time was collecting toys Mexican, Vietnamese dishes and other household items of peoples of different countries. It may be expected, but the starting point for the creation of the Tokyo store of Soviet goods became acquainted with the doll.

Traditional Russian wooden dolls adorn the window of the shop Takahashi-San. However, now it is very different dolls – custom one of the Russian masters, perfectly drawn, with its unique design. The shelves are ladies, painted in pastel colours, the students with red pioneer ties and even astronauts in space suits. As recognized by the owner of the shop, many of his countrymen, especially the people of the art world, it is with great pleasure become Russian nesting dolls, including for interior decoration.

in Addition, Takahashi-San sells Soviet dishes, clock, the camera “Sharp” and “Change”, a school uniform, books and records. In store good selection of toys. Demand Cheburashka, have long conquered the hearts of the people of the Country of the rising sun. But some like Winnie the Pooh. Takahashi-San says that in Tokyo, few are familiar with the bear from the Soviet cartoon based on the works of English writer Alan Milne. Basically fantastic hero know movies TheWalt Disney company.

it Turns out that the Japanese are sympathetic and even one of our bear Olympic. “The bear liked the customers, most likely in preparation for the Tokyo summer Games,” I say. “Not at all, the demand for Bear permanent” – meets Takuya Takahashi, pointing to a scattering of icons with the symbol of the Moscow Olympics.

In the childhood, speaks Japanese, he liked the Soviet space ships. Caused the admiration of the Shuttle “Buran”. Therefore, space in the shop more attention. Here you can find icons and other Souvenirs depicting the famous space explorers from the Soviet Union.

it is Interesting that in peculiar Japanese shop and then caught the cards with history. On the reverse side of some cards by hand to our compatriots more than half a century ago written good wishes on the occasion of different festivals and showsdtvia from remote corners of our country.

“we cordially congratulate you on the Great holiday of October! We wish you health and vigor for creative work in difficult education of the genuine builders of communism” – I read on one of these cards. Today these words are unusual, especially on the Japanese shores. And yet these lines can be seen optimism and real belief in the original ideals.

While we leisurely chat with the owner, in his shop and then drop visitors see the goods, touch them, that is, taste. Someone goes “blank” – no in-app purchases might get something next time. But there are other clients.

One girl stood near a small booth with children’s books. Long viewed, thumbed. Finally, I decided. The choice fell on the mysteries of Samuil Marshak and a collection of poems for the kids, “may day”. The Japanese says that the Russian language does not know. She just liked the illustration and decoration of product.

At the end of our conversation, Takahashi-San is showing me the issues of the magazines “Murzilka” and “Star”, the many collections of fashion of the Soviet period. All this is from his personal collection, not for sale, only for the soul.

the Man notes that typically several times a year happens in Moscow, restocks, at the same time looking for new products that may be of interest to the Japanese. However, in the near future, he says, to go to Russia will not work. Regular flights between the two countries suspended for an indefinite period due to pandemic coronavirus. Takahashi-San asks me, when passenger liners again take to the air and take a course on Moscow. In the eyes of the Japanese a glimmer of hope. But what can I say when and did not know the answer to this question.

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