The total number of people infected with coronavirus in the world by the morning of 12 may exceeded 4,17 million people. The pandemic has covered 187 countries. This is evidenced by data project at Johns Hopkins University, published on the website.

According to the Hopkins project, in the world infected 4 177 504 people. Growth contracted for the day amounted to 74.6 thousand. For the entire period of the pandemic died 286 of 330 patients, more than 1.45 million people had recovered.

Most affected by SARS-CoV-2 remains the United States (1.3 million) and Spain (to 227.4 thousands). United Kingdom entrenched on the third line of the rating by the number of infected (224,3 thousand). In fourth place is Russia (221,3 thousand), the fifth — Italy (219,8 thousand).

Most of the victims of the infection was in the United States — 80 682 person. While in European countries the leaders of the rating, the mortality rate exceeds 10 percent.

In Russia over the past day reported 11 656 infections. Only in the country for the duration of the outbreak have recovered 39 801 people, 2009 patients died. Since the beginning of the epidemic in the country was made more than 5.6 million tests for coronavirus.

Outbreak of pneumonia COVID-19 caused by a new type of coronavirus, was first recorded in December 2019 in Wuhan. On 11 March, the who announced that the situation can be characterized as a pandemic.